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  1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion there is no need for insults and belittling. Please remember we are on the same team after all.
  2. Hi, jumped into the Caucasus Firing range Instant action mission and turned off stability then took off and noticed that when I pressed my key bind to bring up Petrovich to tell him to turn on weapons it didn't come up with menu. So I tried the keyboard and it still didn't work. Also tried to remap to different button on HOTAS to no avail. Track attached. Petrovich Menu bug.trk
  3. This would be Awesome if they could get this to work. I certainly hope the dynamic campaign will be multiplayer too.
  4. That did the trick for me to Ty YSIAD_RIP .
  5. Hi since the last update I cant bind some axis to my HOTAS. So I can't fly it. I Double click spot then move joystick it recognizes the joystick and saves it but when I move the joystick after saving it doesn't move. I jump in cockpit and nothing. See Pic.
  6. When its implemented you will be able to make markpoints , like a Overfly mk point , or FCR mk point, HUD mk point, TGP mk point using your mark page on the ICP and you will be able to share them with wingman.
  7. Fuel state ,Weapon State, Attack target from "east,west " etc
  8. Sorry Kayos , But I don't think any more modules are coming this year. But you never know. They said that by the end of this year they would reveal the new mystery aircraft that will be revolutionary for DCS, but a post in Roadmap Said , "Nothing to share yet about future aircraft for DCS, but look out for our 2021 and beyond video in the new year for clues of the next big project. Thanks - Scott / bignewy" So who knows....We can only dream though right?
  9. Found this in roadmap https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/97330-dcs-roadmap-unofficial-no-discussion-here/?do=findComment&comment=4505758 Nothing to share yet about future aircraft for DCS, but look out for our 2021 and beyond video in the new year for clues of the next big project. Thanks - Scott / bignewy Was apparently posted on facebook I don't know if it's legit or not. Don't know if I'm reading this right but I take it to mean we will not know this year as earlier Announced. Could be wrong they may mean something else. Big downer if were not going to get the big reveal this year. I think there were multiple people that were hoping for the big reveal before Xmas. Would of been great.
  10. Off the top of my head,try Left Alt C it activates and deactivates Mouse cursor i think. Worth a try .:helpsmilie:I don't fly the SU25T Much so I'm only guessing.
  11. So is the newsletter today the announcement/confirmation that we are getting the MIG 29?
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