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  1. Not to mention it's perfect resolution - it can discriminate every target regardless of the range.
  2. If anyone interested, I am sharing my little DIY rudder pedals dampening mod. I've used a cheap washing machine dampener (13.00 Eur) to do the job. It's not perfect, and requires both tension springs to be present, but I find it much better than the stock version as the mod adds "greasy" feeling to the pedals. I can also share details upon request.
  3. I did some test-takeoffs where I waited for the engines to stabilize and indeed there's no drifting tendency any more (without NWS engaged), so thanks for that. Funny that when having the NWS on, this does not happen for some reason
  4. There must be some solution to seeing other aircraft miles (kilometers) away. If your hardware setup exploits this and you can clearly see me as dot and I have to rely on my onboard sensors to see you, which might or might not pick you up, then you are clearly at a huge advantage over me.
  5. No offense, but I am also getting tired of daily dose of AIM-120 whining. Every couple of week people swarm the forum with some other AIM issue where it looses lock. Don't get me wrong, some of them are perfectly valid, but most of them look like an angry mob complaining why their AMRAAM is not laser-like.
  6. Hi @K-51, do you still have this available?
  7. Hmm.. you might be on to something there. I don't really wait for the power to stabilize - could be that this is the cause. I will do a test to confirm it.
  8. It's this one here: When in the forward position, nose-wheel-steering is on. "управление колесом " in russian.
  9. There is a weird tendency of the Flanker to drift to one side during takeoff roll (even with no winds) when the nose wheel steering is disengaged. The drift stops at around 80-100km/h IAS. This only happens when the NWS is off. If left on, this does not happen. Step to reproduce: 1. lock nose-wheel-steering into takeoff position (управление колесом - off) 2. start the takeoff run 3. airplane starts to were of to the side and rudder input is needed 4. sideways motion stops at around 80+ km/h Steps when it does not happen: 1. keep the NWS in the ground position (управление колесом - on) 2. start the takeoff run 3. no rudder (steering) input is needed This weird behavior happens on both Su-27 and Su-33.
  10. Yes, this is what I meant. Had an A-10C fire an AIM-9 at me from 10-15km distance. I had no idea what happened, until I saw his video recording. This was the most extreme case, but I do get shot at regularly by others such as Mistral, Harrier etc. at insanely large distances. I usually end up seeing them at around 2-3km away.
  11. I find this one of the most important issues DCS has to date. I've been shot down by A-10s and other non "F" aircraft just 'cause they can visually see me better than my onboard sensors can (radar & EOS)!
  12. If it helps, there are three conditions for VRS to happen: 1. powered flight 2. vertical speed (for Mi-8 it's around -4m/s and greater) 3. forward velocity less than effective translational lift (for Mi-8 less than 60km/h, I think) Break any of these and VRS won't happen.
  13. Could you please timestamp the moment he said that?
  14. The animation is horrible. It makes the 77 seem like a smokeless missile and the Raptors seem to have their RWRs on holidays. Any DCS video would be way better than this.
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