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  1. Was there any chaff involved? It seems to me, from the screenshot, that Alamo started tŕacking behind the target and then re-acquired.
  2. In DCS you can think of chaff as basically flares for SARH. They don't influence the targeting radar but rather the missile.
  3. Ground Speed is the air speed of an aircraft plus/minus the wind speed, so technically speaking there is no maximum ground speed, well accept the speed of light that is . At higher altitudes you want to use the Mach number and at lower altitudes you would use indicated air speed. Real Eagle has a limit of 800knots indicated air speed and above Mach 2 point something - can't remember the exact value.
  4. This usually happens when a seeker is way out of the constraints of the HUD. Does it happen if you also turn the targetting pod on/off?
  5. From what I understand RWR triggers a launch warning, in STT mode, once the M-link is detected. So in a hypothetical 4 vs 4 fight where group "A" has locks on group "B" (each plane from one group has locked up its counterpart from the other group) and only one fires a SARH, shouldn't all target RWRs trigger a launch warning? Also at what point is the STT+M-link being reported as a launch and when should it be ignored? For example, STT mode came from one direction and M-link form another. Is M-link directional?
  6. I can't get a "LA" queue when I try to launch Kh29T against a command post.
  7. Ah got it. Didn't realize it was the difference that was depicted there.
  8. Please don't hate me, but pitch and AoA are two different things. Pitch is angle relative to the horizont, and AoA is angle between wing's chord-line and the airflow.
  9. Would be so kind as to provide the source?
  10. There is no data to support longer than 80s battery life, available.
  11. Or as an alternative, keep the NWS engaged and turn it off at 80km/h.
  12. I am selling my used VKB-Sim Gladiator Mk.II Joystick. Price: 30Eur + Shipping It has seen some moderate to heavy use. X-axis is a little bit not smooth to touch, but other than that the joystick it is fully functional. Price is negotiable. I am located in Germany.
  13. I am not 100% sure, but you might want to double check if the manual you have posted is ok to be on the forum.
  14. Not to mention it's perfect resolution - it can discriminate every target regardless of the range.
  15. If anyone interested, I am sharing my little DIY rudder pedals dampening mod. I've used a cheap washing machine dampener (13.00 Eur) to do the job. It's not perfect, and requires both tension springs to be present, but I find it much better than the stock version as the mod adds "greasy" feeling to the pedals. I can also share details upon request.
  16. I did some test-takeoffs where I waited for the engines to stabilize and indeed there's no drifting tendency any more (without NWS engaged), so thanks for that. Funny that when having the NWS on, this does not happen for some reason
  17. There must be some solution to seeing other aircraft miles (kilometers) away. If your hardware setup exploits this and you can clearly see me as dot and I have to rely on my onboard sensors to see you, which might or might not pick you up, then you are clearly at a huge advantage over me.
  18. No offense, but I am also getting tired of daily dose of AIM-120 whining. Every couple of week people swarm the forum with some other AIM issue where it looses lock. Don't get me wrong, some of them are perfectly valid, but most of them look like an angry mob complaining why their AMRAAM is not laser-like.
  19. Hi @K-51, do you still have this available?
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