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  1. I am just here for the sheer amount of information, and work that went into this write up.
  2. Takes practice. I know it can be frustrating as a close to the ground operator. Different approach than fasties that just boom and zoom from afar. When we fly as a flight of A-10's and get coords for a target, we always pull up short and wagon wheel to spot and identify all targets before attacking. Couple of problems though. Wagon Wheel works great, if you know what type of threats you face. If you have manpads or short range SHORADs like a Strela, 18,000 feet will keep you safe. The greater the threat range though, the higher you need to go, which creates all kinds of logistical issues. So the other approach is with a general idea of where the enemy is, to pull up short and zig zag outside of a medium threat range at about 5 to 15K feet, but if I was in a chopper, much lower would work. That way we bait the enemy to reveal what they have, but are far enough out we can evade. Dunno if the AH has a RWR like the A-10, but two A-10s working together can triangulate RWR threats pretty well. We will fly low enough we can terrain mask if a larger threat like a SA-11 lets loose on us, I imagine in a Chopper terrain masking and zig zag pattern approaches would allow you to get a fix on targets before committing?? Just some random thoughts. Or work with a flight of A-10's, as a chopper. We will do that in our group. A-10's will wagon wheel and use their TADs to identify targets and call out locations and types to the rotor guys. If things get spicy, then we engage also. Full on group working has fasties doing CAP/SEAD, A-10's working CAS and target identification and spotting, with the chopper fellas working ground targets. That way everyone is covering everyone else's weakness and allows each airframe to flex their strengths.
  3. Every AH-D pilot in their new shiny Apache, that has armor and neat tech - learning the stark realities of CAS, and danger close missions against infantry fighting vehicles and whatnot sporting 20mm and 30mm auto cannons - just like A-10 pilots learned. Brrrt, and titanium tub don't help when a few 30 mm shells rip through your engines or wing surfaces. 2 miles is the min safe distance for mounted heavy machine guns and cannons.
  4. Opppph, the best I can do is, do the research. Everyone's system is different, settings can vary. For instance, I now run the Reshade app, and it doesn't improve FPS, but it improves visual quality as a post processor, there are so many things you can do. Even certain maps can change all that. 32 GB of RAM should be fine, remember DCS trends in the direction of better performance via optimization over time, but overall, you do need to upgrade hardware at some point to keep pace. Try these links, there is no one size fits all. I spent a lot of time with trial and error, also google for updated articles on this topic:
  5. Same, noticed it the other day, confirmed since then a couple of times. DSP brightness doesn't raise or lower MFCD brightness as it did in the past.
  6. Thanks. Been here since it was just the KA-50. That is why I love this product "devs spilling over into the isle's . . . " is the antithesis of something built with passion, and a labor of love. Which is why I am here flying ED/TFC products. I might still whine every now and again, but I certainly don't want to see it stop. Keep doing what you do. When we get the radio, will just be all that much more agog over it.
  7. FWIW I read somewhere from a SME or other contributor that if you are going to be maneuvering hard, as you egress/ingress to a target, you should set to "INR Area" vs. "Point". I have a habit now of switching to "INR Area" in the TGP after a target run, and setting up an ingress/egress run when I know I will be nosing over hard, or banking hard to do a short turnaround to come back in on a target. Once the maneuver is done, TMS up short to switch from "Area" to "Point" - works really well. I only still have issues on a hard nose over to get pipper on a target, and my angle of attack is very steep, like 35 deg or higher steep.
  8. Sorry on the Ninja! Was driving me nuts first day on Beta drop, I was everywhere asking for help! My handle is literally decades old, and has a long storied history.
  9. @QuiGon Go to the bottom of this thread. Found the fix on the Discord Channel - SRS has their own Discord Channel. Started having issues from first day of OB update. MIC switch still doesn't move in DCS Beta, but this will allow SRS to function. "Allow SRS Hotkeys Always" or something like that, in pic at bottom of thread.
  10. IAD's continuing development. Continuing development of RCS, radar modes, missile behavior, and functionality of ECM/EWR and Electronic warfare. A-10 radios please! ARC 210. A-10 HMCS Air to Air modes.
  11. Yes, sorry forgot to mention Mission 1. Will try it with just the Mode 3/A setting. Still not clear on order of operations for Stdby to Norm. I think you flip Norm before take off on Transponder, but still not clear on when you select Stdby in which sequence of that cold start.
  12. Which is purely my issue, bad hearing. I cannot tell, or having a hell of a time determining if I am setting the modes to M-3/A first, then to M-C? No problem with MODE 3/A code, that is clear. Plus not clear if I am setting the master mode dial to STBY before all that or during/after. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hey no worries, I am glad you found it! I should have updated here also. The fix is to "Allow SRS Hotkeys" so that SRS can interact with the cockpit even if the control bindings are jacked due to the Beta Update.
  14. Found the fix on SRS Discord server. Ciribob had solution. HOTAS MIC button still doesn't work, but I can comms again!!
  15. This is the fix, found it on Discord server via @Ciribob. My MIC switch still doesn't work in cockpit, but my comms do and that is all that matters!!!
  16. This is the fix, found it on SRS Discord server from @Ciribob My HOTAS Mic button still doesn't work, but I can comm again!!
  17. Since you found my thread, posting here of all the things I have tried to get my A-10CII to function on any level with comms since Beta drop. Also posted in DCS Voice Chat sub forum.
  18. Might be wrong place, but trying here to see if there is a solution. If extraneous or not applicable, have mod remove. Thread below, but the nutshell is as follows: Stable works, SRS works with Stable, HOTAS MIC switch works with Stable in A-10CII. Mods and all. Latest OB, HOTAS (Thrustmaster) MIC switch ceases to function will not manipulate in game at all. Buttons and SRS will function in Multiplayer lobby, but as soon as I hit "Fly" and in game, button mapping ceases to to work in game/cockpit. F-16 works, F/A-18 works. I have done a full repair, removed obsolete files to "backup". Disabled all mods. Scrubbed export.lua of all entries (it is blank). Tried only MIC (menu call) mappings, MIC switch no longer functions. Tried VoIP PTT Radio.1, .2, .3 etc. MIC switch no longer functions. Tried Voice Chat enabled, or disabled with above settings. MIC Switch on HOTAS no longer functions or reacts to input. All other buttons and switches do.
  19. I may not be following your meaning correctly. Do you mean uncheck the VoIP chat option under settings? I have also under keyboard and control settings binding removed all references to PTT VoIP R1., R2. etc. This morning I did a full repair, moved obsolete files to backup folder, disabled all mods, and even removed all references in my Export.lua to anything (it is empty now). Still can't get A-10CII HOTAS Thrustmaster MIC switch to work at all. Single player or Multiplayer. What is really strange, is the F-16C and my F/A-18C comms menus and HOTAS mappings work fine. Only the A-10C has been affected by this OB update. At my wits end with this problem. See above. I have done a full repair at this point, removed obsolete files, scrubbed export.lua, disabled all mods. Still broken. What is really strange is F-16 and F/A-18 work.
  20. Yeah, I am getting similar results, but in my bug post, even weirder stuff. No matter how I bind my HOTAS Mic switch now, it never moves in game. All other key and Thrustmaster bindings work stick and throttle. But my MIC switch never moves now. I did a repair, no luck.
  21. Ever since the new Beta drop, I too have had issues with comms, but in a different matter. Has to do with the complete change and designation of MIC button function vs. VoIP MIC function. MIC forward/aft/down is now flagged as (menu call), where before it was for actually toggling comms. That is now moved or relegated to (or I am assuming as no documentation supports what I found in key bindings) VoIP Radio PTT.1, .2, .3 . . . and so on. I detailed it here:
  22. One more errata. Latest Stable on Multiplayer works fine for key bindings and SRS. Only having issues on latest OB, with the new bindings and multiplayer with MIC switch on HOTAS of Thrustmaster in A-10CII. Haven't tried A-10C old.
  23. Another element that is odd. With key bindings mapped under VoIP and A10CII Real, + SRS, when I bring up the SRS overlay, you can see that the radios show no binding (amber light), but SRS is registering the default radio channels above the overlay. What is really eye catching is if I enable the IFF Transponder, set to Normal, it does register in SRS! An Export. lua problem?
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