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  1. Hi peeps. As you can see in the picture Im having a graphic issue. Also, the ground around the airport is some places elevated. I thought a fresh reinstall would help, but the problem is still there. Here I should mention that the files in "saved games" are the old ones. Anyone have a clue? Win 10 Latest DCS No mods FIXED: Had the visibility mod, but I forgot to recheck visibility when I unisntalled.... :pilotfly:
  2. DCS is officially rendered useless. Hope to see you back up soon!
  3. Hey peeps. Can you help me with how I make a radio item that starts and stops vehicle when I want it to? This will have to happen many times during the mission. So far Ive only got it to start, but not to stop again.. :s
  4. This looks like a nice start! However, I have no clue on how to add the code to my phpbb site...?
  5. I think we where to slow to respond guys! :joystick:
  6. Have you checked that the open port 10308 on the router corresponds with the IP adress of the computer?
  7. The norwegian DCS community "Virtual Flying Jokers" is still looking for more member to join the fun! Check us out at http://www.vjokers.no if you are norwegian speaking. :)
  8. Hi Towsim, and ty for this application. We are experiensing TS crash with this mod installed, but with it disabled in plugins when we start a multiplayer session where we dont want to use Aeris. How do we prevent this?
  9. Thank you Trollef. :) Looney, feel free to register and check us out. We have one of the servers running lotatc atm. :)
  10. A small report from our NATO presence in Georgia. :)
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