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  1. Hey this is very cool work you are doing. I know a lot of virtual aerobatic teams will be VERY happy once you get this completed, seeing how most of our teams use nautical miles/imperial for setting up our show sites/timing patterns. Good luck!
  2. Dooom, Heres a thread to read on the subject. Might find your answer in there. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=52999 7 series nVidia card should work, but make sure its a DEDICATED card, and not shared.
  3. The first one is of an Eagle demo team pre-2009. I can guarantee (because I talked to a demo pilot about it) that they do not pull as hard as they can in that turn. Thats probably about 5-6 g's. The 2nd video isn't even a C model, its an E model.
  4. Thanks Pole. I've got a bunch of loose computer parts hanging around, I may try to get a 4u rackmount and put something together. We (VBA) had a dedicated server before with similar specs as above, but our server was moved and moved onto a less than stellar box that really sucked and thus dropped it. Bottom line, its something we're looking into again. Thanks again for the input!
  5. Could anyone from the 104th speak as to what your server's specs are? What kind of backbone are you on (speeds)? Looks like the server is hosted somewhere in the Northeast US?
  6. Its part of our 2007 mod. Only the #5 and 6 aircraft have it, and its controlled by turning on your marker lights. Not the sexiest way to do it but it works! We have other "vapor" too, but its of the prop variety.
  7. T:W Ratios (Known) F-15 with -220 Engines (Same as LOFC2): 1.12 -229 Engines: 1.30 Mig-29: 1.01 F-16 (Block 30): 1.095 Typhoon: 1.25
  8. The F-15 probably has the best T:W ratio in the sim, as it is in real life with what aircraft are included in the sim. There is probably only 1 warplane in the world today that could outclimb it, that being the F-22.
  9. Thanks for burning the midnight oil big time ED. Big props! I'm sure the Eagle Dynamics bank accounts are spinning like the readouts on gas pumps! I'm downloading the torrent route as well. Please seed if you can!
  10. GF, do you know what you were getting before the update? BTW, I find it cool you live in El Centro. You probably haven't heard anyone envying you living there though. ;-)
  11. Hello aviation fans everywhere! Can't wait to see some of the demonstrations that you'll likely see at VFAT 2009? Well, here is your chance! Its the 1st Annual Virtual Fall Airfest, featuring 3 brand new teams (Virtual Horsemen, Virtual Patriots Jet Team, and the Blue Eagles), as well as your 2009 Virtual Blue Angels! The flying gets started at 5 pm US Central time with the incredible P-51 demonstration team, the Virtual Horsemen from IL2. We then switch into high performance mode with the brand new Virtual Patriots Jet Team and their gorgeous L-39 Albatrosses at 6 pm. Its then time to see exactly what FSX has to offer with some high octane Christen Eagle and Beech 18 aerobatics with the Blue Eagles, starting around 7 pm. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy as your 2009 Virtual Blue Angels take to the skies around 8 pm with a full demonstration, including a Jet Assisted Take Off from the VBA C-130, FAT ALBERT. Some assorted flybys have been prepared, and will be thrown in whenever time permits between acts! It should be a lot of fun and we hope you all can watch! Tune into http://www.livestream.com/virtualairshows for all the action!
  12. Funkster and anyone interested in joining a team, We at the VBA have tryouts year round, so feel free to drop in an application and show us what you've got. Check out our website for more details. The work may be hard, but when the end result is awesome, you feel very fulfilled!
  13. Very saddened to hear of this today. Prayers go out to the Russian Knights, their families, the Russian Air Force, and all of their fans.
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