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  1. So I take there is no way to currently change the AI setting?
  2. I noticed the AI skill level was set to excellent on some (maybe all) campaign missions. In my experience, at that skill level, the AI can literally break the laws of physics and makes the campaign almost unplayable to me and to some other players I talked to. Is it possible to change the skill level of the AI in the campaign other then loading each mission in the mission editor? P.S. For future campaigns, if there was a way to let the player choose its AI difficulty level before starting the campaign (or before each mission) I think that could make a nice addition.
  3. Found the "problem" in a way. Its not really that the F-5 is underpowered but rather the AI set to excellent. At that skill level it doesnt even follow the laws of physics anymore.
  4. Personally so far I find it impossible to get any kills against the AI. Theres just something I'm not getting with the F5. It seems so sluggish and underpowered compared to people flying it on Youtube.
  5. Yes! That looks exactly like what i was looking for. Looking forward to testing it out. Thank you! I would've prefered on NTTR that is the problem.
  6. Its my first time trying out one of your Dynamic Campaigns, MBot and so far it seems to work flawlessly but I'm having performance issues. It seems to stutter a lot throughout the mission. Is this a known issue or is it something to do with my system?
  7. The pack doesnt seem to work since the last update Is this for NTTR, TC? I cant seem to make it work
  8. Unfortunately I lack the time to do so. I barely have about an hour here and there to fly DCS anymore and dont want to waste it in the ME. I just got the F5 and wanted to practice some A-G on a shooting range but cant really find anything suitable in the stock missions. Also thought maybe someone might have more insight to what a "realistic" shooting range would look like cause I have no idea.
  9. Anyone got a realistic shooting range template or mission?
  10. Whats everyones thoughts on the Aim-9 in their current state?
  11. Anyone else having this issue? :\
  12. Is there a way to tell DCS to start on monitor 2? I'm trying a new setup where monitor 2 is right in front of me so i need DCS to start on that screen.
  13. Just tried that, for some reason it moves about an inch in the cockpit but remains generally way too far forward. I've uploaded a screenshot of what the view looks like.
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