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  1. For the front panel alone I would say, next week. But remember, the F / A-18C is not even in beta status.
  2. that is mach better. I`m H.J.P and the developer of Ikarus. We have to think about. Give us a weekend.
  3. I have installed the Viggen now. Unfortunately we do not get the data for the gauges yet.
  4. For the Viggen it is too early to make a statement. I would like to support the Viggen. It's only possible, when we get the data from this module.
  5. We will support the Spitfire. This is the next project step. :thumbup:
  6. Es ist schön sowas zu lesen. Ich bin H.J.P. Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg mit euren Projekten ;-)
  7. The next development step will be that you will have your own kneeboard.
  8. It is still a beta version. We are working on it. I think we'll get it. ;-)
  9. So, the Viggen I have now bought. Soon it can start. :thumbup:
  10. Before you spend a lot of time, send me the first dial with a pointer. Then we'll see.
  11. yes, that is possible. Let it try us.
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