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  1. Are there any bugs related to the TOT when using NSEQ routing? 

    It seems sometimes it works and sometimes its totally wrong. Anyone found any instructional video on how to use it correctly?



  2. 39 minutes ago, AlpineGTA said:

    I have both and the Quest 2 is definitely a step up in terms of image clarity and virtually no screen door, compared to the Rift S. The only thing I've found is my wifi is not quite good enough to eliminate stutters so I use it with a link cable.

    Also, with the link cable, I have it connected to a powered USB hub, this way the headset holds it's charge and I can fly for as long as I want without draining the battery. I found that just using the USB ports on my motherboard the headset wasn't getting enough charge and the battery was draining, limiting my time in DCS.

    Cheers for the info buddy.. 

  3. On 12/12/2020 at 10:11 PM, 104th_Fallen said:

    Its not something we can host server side, that functionality is not supported in DCS. Even if it were, it would require people to download 6.3GB of textures before being able to join the server lol.

    The download link for the pack is listed in the OP and available for anyone though.

    Ahh ok.. i thought both the client and the server had to have them installed?


  4. Get that clock speed up. And perhaps delete the contents of your fxo and metashaders folders. 

    I run a older 7700k cpu with a 1080ti gpu. Tomorrow  i will post what settings im using. I only get a solid 40fps sometime higher but i get no stuttering what so ever. 

  5. Its all to do with how DCS utilises the CPU. I does not use all cores as far as i am aware. I thought that being as you have been around as long as you have coxy you would know this? Its not your GPU thats for sure. Nore your memory. Higher CPU clock speeds definitely help

  6. Sounds like someone is getting their arse handed to them by F18s in multiplayer and dont like it lol. Next you will be saying that the f14 should be banned because of the phoenix lol. Or perhaps stop the F16s from flying at mach 2 at stupid high altitude and launching aim120s at over 20 miles away lol.

  7. On 12/6/2020 at 5:09 PM, Scorpio47 said:

    Have you ever asked yourself why in a helicopter the Pilot seat is on the RIGHT side, whereas in fixed planes (and cars...) it is on the left?

    Ok, the reason is that you fly a helicopter always with a light turn to the left which means that the pilot sits in the most forward position....

    If you observe a helicopter fly a course it will always take a heading a tad to the left of that course (reason is the well known rotor torque of course....).

    So, it is absolutely normal that a helo will tend to get off course to the right unless you make that slight correction with the rudder to keep it on course

    Hate to disappoint you but the UK, AUS and i think JAPAN all use right hand drive cars lol 

  8. I found on my old rift that it was one of my sensors failing causing the jumping issues. And of coarse if you have 3 sensors you are twice as likely to have a problem. Try unplugging one of your sensors one at a time and playing DCS. Im 99% sure it will be our problem.

  9. Do you see the Deck Crew? If not check the Supercarrier is installed in the Module Manager. If yes, check you have the statics connected to the carrier (option in the static object dialogue).


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have the supercarrier installed and in single player using the same mission I can see the statics. As soon as I put it on our server no one can see the statics including me. And yeah I have it attached to the carrier in me

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