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  1. I've noticed this too. Been unable to get a good track since it happens in multiplayer and it's hard to reproduce in a short time. Also the standby attitude indicator doesn't work after repairing either.
  2. There are two types of emergency jettison. One only jettisons the stores and the other jettisons the rails.
  3. I've been looking for the wing unlock flag when lowering my wings on a carrier but I was never able to find it. According to a book I have, there are pics of the unlock flag in the area that I circled in red. It doesn't appear that they are modeled currently as I was unable to see them when clipping into the wing with the F11 camera either. I'll go ahead and add the book in case anybody is interested. The Modern Hornet Guide The Boeing F/A-18 A/B/C/D Exposed Jake Melampy Reid Air Publications ISBN 978-0-9888529-0-7
  4. Do you have Easy Comms enabled? Also you shouldn't need to pull the radio switch. Just using the scroll wheel on the mouse to the right preset is fine. Also check that on the UFC it's in AM. There's a weird bug right now where it will flash from AM to FM and back. Sometimes hitting that button will change from flashing back and forth to just one. If that doesn't work switch to another preset then switch back.
  5. This has been my experience as well. I found I need to fly straight and level while the radar acquires a lock while it RWS mode. Once in TWS any hard maneuvering will break the lock. I don't have any tracks to provide since this is difficult to reproduce consistently.
  6. Possibly. I was only confirming Arbil's bug report if he wants to create a new thread. Or a moderator can move this one. Not sure who this is directed at but yes I am doing all that. Again, please watch my tracks if this was directed at me. You'll see it's been done. This is why there's tracks and not just me describing what's happening. -Launch bar down -Taxi to shuttle -Press U -Wait until hooked up -Launch bar switch in Up position -Throttles to 80% to verify no cautions on DDI -Throttles MAX Cold weather I only get up to about 130 knots on the launch. Warm weather I get to about 190 knots. I did many launches below 7 degrees C to try and pinpoint the threshold so this bug is reproducible. Just reproducing what the OP did, but yes probably. That still doesn't explain the cold cat.
  7. WHOGX5, please go and watch the tracks I posted above. This is not related to your bug report. Even so I do not have the issues you are describing. In both tracks I took off at 45,000+ lbs according to the weight on the checklist page. The rearming window says I was at 47,000+ lbs gross weight. I took off just fine after waiting to fully lock into place with the warmer temperature. The cold temperature put me in the drink. This is reproducible.
  8. Your temperature is at 20 degrees. There is definitely something wrong with cold weather. Below 7 degrees C the carrier doesn't launch with enough force. I don't know if this is intended by ED to simulate a cold cat. I've attached track files. Cold launch is at 6 degrees, warm launch is at 7 degrees. All other parameters are the same. cold launch.trk warm launch.trk
  9. Is there a resource where it gives an explanation of what all the radar modes are? I've looked in the NATOPs but I missed if it it's explained there. These are what I understand so far. A/A radar modes: TWS - Track While Scan SCAN RAID - Gives an expanded view of an area of airspace to separate aircraft that are close together AZ/EL - ??? A/G radar modes: MAP - I believe this is the SAR imaging mode EXP1 - ??? EXP2 - ??? EXP3 - ??? SEA - Used for locating ships GMT - ??? PVU - ??? AGR - ??? IRA - ??? TA - ???
  10. The hornet, like many other aircraft, use FADECs on the engines. The FADEC determines what the optimal fuel flow and nozzle settings for the best efficiency. It's not uncommon for engines to be at slightly different settings with the same throttle settings for both.
  11. It's working how it's intended. Low gain NWS is activated with the pinky button and stays on with wings down and locked and launch bar up. High gain can only be momentarily activated with the pinky button depressed. With wings unlocked high gain NWS can be activated and left on with a single press of the pinky button. You can go back to no NWS with a single press of the paddle switch. NATOPS:
  12. You can bind the engine idle/cut off in game without any scripts with the TM Warthog... The options are called "Throttle (Right)(Left) - OFF/IDLE".
  13. I would like to add that it seems all buttons and switches are like this. Any switch I press I have to hold the mouse button until the animation is done or else it resets.
  14. I don't know if this is how it works in the real thing but I've noticed you need to hit the squelch button on the UFC since going to ADF seems to disable it.
  15. I've been monitoring my system's usage and the only thing that I could see being a problem is DCS is using all 8 GB of VRAM. I figure I'll give my specs too for further troubleshooting. GPU: EVGA 1080 GTX FTW 8GB of VRAM CPU: Intel i7-4790K Not OC'ed RAM: 32 GB OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 DCS is installed on an SSD I've changed page from from custom setting to Windows managed. Changed fan curves on GPU to keep it cooler. Restarted PC several times. Ran Cleanup and Repair.
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