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  1. Dear Eagle Dynamics, After reading about MIDI, I learned that it is integrated into the Windows Operating System, and there is a very extensive documentation available on the Microsoft website, and many other places on the internet on how to implement the data received from MIDI devices into an application. It's funny to think that all the joysticks were once actually MIDI controllers, and now we are coming back around to find them maybe useful being as MIDI devices once again. The advantages of a MIDI device over a joystick: - a MIDI can have thousands of buttons, or hundreds of sliders, and rotaries - very easy to buy anywhere, in any place on the planet - very cheap when compared to joystick companies - you can buy used ones for any taste and likeness anywhere - building home-made cockpits is much easier, and straightforward Any MIDI device is working in a very simple, and always the same way: Buttons: - every control\button\rotary has 128 positions (0-127) - pressing a button will send a pulse, two unique codes (addresses) - one address says it's pressed DOWN, other that it is RELEASED - holding a button will send the pressed DOWN unique address only to anyone interested in it - releasing the button will then send the "this button has been RELEASED" unique code Rotaries: - rotaries also have 128 positions - as you rotate it, it will quickly send a range of unique addresses - to create a rotary you have to combine these addresses into a group in your application. In DCS you can call it Rotary1. When someone's rotating it, the DCS would register the Rotary1, and bind it to the axis. - all the addresses are the same between all the MIDI control surfaces meaning that a rotary on Roland, or a rotary on Yamaha will be registered as the same rotary by Windows. All you need to do is to tell DCS to capture the MIDI signals and it's really easy because it's already in the Windows since forever, and no additional files, or drivers needed; and then teach DCS what range of addresses is a slider, a rotary, a button etc. Or, you could tell DCS to wait for the player to use a slider on their midi controller, and then offer them to choose, if they want to use that as a slider, rotary, or a button. The reason why MIDI would be so incredibly valuable for us is because you can easily purchase a MIDI controller for very cheap, and they offer millions of combinations - rotaries, sliders, buttons - anything you wish. That would be such an amazing thing for the DCS communtity! I hope it could be implemented! Warm Regards, H-var
  2. Thank you so much guys for being so patient, and helpful, and providing so many videos, and tracks and resources! This is amazing, and very helpful to most of us ignorant beginners! You right, guys - if the gear broke, then I would crash, but because the gear was way too strong, stronger than expected, it absorbed all the extreme vertical force, and then returned the energy into the aircraft which in return forced the mig into the stratosphere! Thank you everyone so much for all the information, and videos, and tracks! :beer:
  3. DCS server is very power hungry - you'll need a full on dedicated server to make it work for 20 people. The VPS will only work for maximum 1-2 people.
  4. Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I was thinking for a very long time what module to buy because there are so many of them, and I decided to buy your module AV-8B (I already have M-2000) because I've just looked at your changelogs, and I see how passionate you are, and how many updates, and upgrades, changes you made to M-2000 over the years, just to keep it always fresh, and up to the current standards, and just to make it even more awesome. I am buying your modules because I know you will always keep them up to date, and that's really important! Thank you so much, guys, for all your hard work, and for bringing the joy to our joysticks! :joystick::pilotfly::thumbup:
  5. When text scale is set higher than 1.0, text will be cut off, and most of it will be invisible as the result. Here's an image to explain visually.
  6. Here are the specs for the upcoming 1080Ti. This info is unofficial, and was leaked from the official website through the website's exploit by someone else. The official release date is still unknown. The 1080Ti will have GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X. Everything else is better than 1080, and some specs are even very close to nVidia Titan X. nVidia GTX 1080Ti will be standing between nVidia GTX 1080, and nVidia Titan X, way closer to the nVidia Titan X on the graphs. The GTX 1080Ti release date is out! It will be available in stores from January 2017, so save your money, and don't buy anything yet. It will cost from $699-$999. Nvidia has no reasons to release this card in a foreseeable future because AMD has nothing to offer against the even regular 1080.
  7. hi, I have a 4-way SLI setup, boosted, each core produces up to 1305 MHz. Multiplied by four, it would total into 5220 MHz, which is equal x3.24 GTX1080's! The SDK kit is already available on the official nVidia website, it has been for years, so I would like to hear any comments from the Eagle Dynamics team about the "nVidia VRWORKS", and the possibility of its implementation into the Digital Combat Simulator. Thank you. In case, Eagle Dynamics needs to know where to find the SDKs: nVidia: https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks AMD: http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/graphics-development/liquidvr
  8. I had this problem - DCS would show up on the monitor, but not in the VR headset. FIX: add the game to the STEAM library, then add it to the VR category.
  9. The simulator loads into its main menu, and then crashes instantly after pressing any of the menu buttons. Simulator Version: SOLUTION: Disabling "RivaTuner Statistics server" stopped the crashing. Update MSI Afterburner (or similar) to the newest version, and update RivaTuner Statistics server to the latest version, and it will not cause game crashes again
  10. [sOLVED] Software version: Note: I put ..x.x after the software's version because this is the first version I am trying on my computing machine. I have not tried v2., or any other v2.x of the software, so I cannot confirm if these problems are somehow tied to the current version of the software. Problem 1: the software is causing nVidia driver crash. Problem 2: sli is not utilized (2nd, 3rd, 4th cores are idle). SOLUTION: Thanks to this post I was able to help the software utilize all four of my cores (the adjustments in the post may vary depending from the amount of GPUs your computing machine has). Coincidentally, utilizing all four of the video processing cores (SLI) instead of one (Single GPU) helped to stop the crashes, which were casued by the video memory overload. Logs.rar
  11. Application for registration Nickname: WoAyumi Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=95896 Chosen plane type: F-86F Sabre Country of residence: Germany Time: GMT +1 Language of communication: English Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.
  12. Hey guys, No matter what I do, I cannot contact KC-135. What am I doing wrong? I created a little mission to test this problem that I have. I also uploaded a replay of my actions to better troubleshoot the problem. Please help me to find out what is the problem. Thank you Thank you, bad-andy! I get it now. Solution
  13. Please watch the video and the original file before voting. Thank you. This is an authentic video. The objects are all real. The link to the raw original is in the video description. it falls into category "something made by humans"
  14. Hey guys, I was very inspired by the recent screenshots, and made a little poster myself. Please, feel free to use it on your ultra-wide resolution desktop!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. BEFORE YOU BEGIN !You have to have 1 of the 3 server types where you will host your DCS Multiplayer server. !Make sure that your host runs on a Windows operating system. 1. Dedicated Server. The whole machine is dedicated to you only. Expensive. If you don't care about costs than this is one for you. 2. Virtual Dedicated Server. The best choice. Way cheaper, dedicates your resources only to you. 3. Your own computer. The worst choice. No need to pay, but a) if your PC is off, your server will be off too; b) your PC has to have a static IP address; c) your PC has to be powerful; d) you have to install the game onto a dedicated HD\SSD, and should know how to dedicate RAM and CPU for specific applications. Great, you have a dedicated hardware to host your server on. Let's get to the best part! SETTING UP A DEDICATED DCS SERVER 1. On your PC, in DCS, Open "Mission Editor" and create a mission for your server. Players will be able control units only if their skills are set to "client". 2. Login to your (virtual) dedicated server, download, and install the game on it. Q: Should I purchase different DCS modules for my server's account too, if I want to host a mission with them? A: No. You do not need to purchase any modules for the server's account. You can run any mission on your dedicated server, with no modules installed. 3. Open ..\DCS World\distr, install vcredist, and DirectX. 4. Install Notepad++ 5. Run the "DCS World" once, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and close DCS. If you are unable to close it, then just reboot the server machine. 6. Open Notepad++, create a new file with these lines: options.graphics.fullScreen = true options.graphics.width = 1024 options.graphics.height = 768 options.graphics.render3D = false and save it as %user%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\autoexec.cfg (thanks, Interceptor!) 7. Open %user%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\network.cfg with Notepad++, and change pause_on_load = true, to pause_on_load = false, 8. Open %user%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\options.lua with Notepad++, and change ["height"] = xxx, to ["height"] = 768, ["width"] = xxx, to ["width"] = 1024, ["fullScreen"] = true, to ["fullScreen"] = false, 9. Transfer your multiplayer mission file to %user%\Saved Games\DCS\Missions on the host. 10. Finish line: Run "DCS Multiplayer", register a new user, login, click "New Server", give your server a name, pick your mission, Start! CONGRATULATIONS! You now have your own, working dedicated server
  16. Dear Eagle Dynamics developers, I accidentally noticed this problem and decided to record it for you. options.lua graphics.lua In the video I am switching between F10 and F12 (render3D = false)
  17. Thank you. This answers my question fully. I always thought that everything beyond M1.0 is considered a supercruise, and never knew, that supercruise is actually legit when an aircraft is fully loaded, and the speed is around M1.5, or higher. Thank you, guys! This clarifies everything for me. :thumbup:
  18. That's because I do not own an F-15C jet. Give me a unit, and I'll see if it's true. I mean how else do you want me to prove it? Moreover, the higher speed is what has to be proven, not the lower speed. No need to prove that an aircraft can fly at a low speed, but where proof would be needed is when someone claimed they were flying at a speed unlikely for that aircraft. Don't you think?
  19. Come on guys, I am just trying to make a point to support my argument. I didn't mean to hurt the feelings of the F-15C fans. I know there millions of them around. Well, anyway, without the actual proof, all we have are the charts. I guess, there is not much other choice, but to believe them. By the way, I have never heard about F-15C being able to supercruise, and I read about it a lot, and watched the US-made documentaries too. It is just strange that never the US officials said "well, Su-27 cannot supercruise, but F-15C still can..." :noexpression:
  20. I understand that authorities "believed" these pilots because they knew that F-15C is far behind the new (back then) Su-27. It seems like a conspiracy just to save face of the outdated jet fighter by falsifying the charts. Why would I think that? It's simple - no one ever talked about "supercruise" before, until F-22 finally saw the light. Only then the Americans started putting the "supercruise" term into every single documentary video about their aircraft. Maybe the pilots are forced to agree with the given charts because of an order. How would you know unless you are an actual pilot. Even if you were one, you would not be allowed to give away the real performance charts (probably because they are not very good). Bottom line is video footage is an actual proof. Everything else falls into category "that pilot once said". I hope I explained my point well, guys.
  21. Do you have something to prove that those charts don't lie?
  22. Well I be darned! A supercruising F-15. What else can you wish for! :lol: I don't believe one bit F-15 can actually supercruise. My bet is that those charts are lying.
  23. Koekemoeroetoe, I sense an F-15 fanboy, but I'll explain it to you. I cannot report the other problems with my experience on F-15C because I am not an F-15C expert. The problems which I encountered fall into category "arguable". For example, Rudder in F-15 is useless. The Y-axis rotation degree of the plane with the use of the rudder is close to zero. This is how I experienced it. Please, read again the text in bold before considering to reply to this message.
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