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  1. I have the exact same issue after todays hotfix but only on certain missions. The repeatable one is Instant Action > Syria > Cold Start. This mission was working fine before today's hotfix. I can't upload a track file here as it's just over the 5MB limit. If I create a quick mission with no assets the engines start ok and issue is not present. Eng-Issue.trk
  2. Adding my thanks here to the SME team on this module too. They are not only a wealth of information and a walking encyclopaedia on the Apache but also a great bunch of guy's and very approachable. A big thank you to all the folks on the SME team, both for your service IRL and your service to the community here....THANKS GUY'S.
  3. As the title say's it would be great to be able to utilise a 3 position switch, for example the LASTE switch on the Warthog throttle, to bind the NVS Mode 3 position switch OFF, NORM and FIXED positions to. Probably possible now by messing with .lua files but it would be much better if it was a standard thing included with the vanilla bindings for the Apache.
  4. bart


    @DD_FenrirNow this sounds promising. Looking forward to updates as and when, keep us posted.
  5. I managed to get this working great, what I did was assign the wheel brake axis to one of my pedals, then went into axis tune and turned the slider option on and set the y-saturation to 40 and invert the pedal so it's off when the pedal is not depressed. It works great. I get 40lbs on the brake gauge with maximum pedal depression. Gone are the days of going from 0% to 100% brake instantly and vigorously tapping the lever on my stick to get the brakes to work. Going back to Bozon's (OP) question above, I haven't noticed anything unusual in the handling post update. Found a few fixes implemented that weren't on the changelog but otherwise no handling/taxi issues my end. She handled just great tonight on a MP server. Those rockets are great!!!.
  6. Wednesday 22nd December is my guess.
  7. I don't have a fancy headset or a 3090, Oculus S and a 1080Ti here, but the VR cockpit in the Mossie is just stunning. It feels cramped and I find looking at stuff in it like the fuel gauges or using the gunsight, you just do what you would do in the real aircraft....lean over a bit, duck down or turn around in your seat. It feels great and looks amazing, the best VR cockpit of all the warbirds by far and the most immersive in my opinion. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a clear 10/10.
  8. + 100 on this comment. The new sounds are fantastic, along with all the other little additions I've found on top of the listed change log stuff the Mosquito is really coming along nicely. She's now topped the Spitfire for my all time favorite.
  9. Glad you nailed it Basco. I also find with just slightly less than 2 ticks down elevator trim and no flaps, if I don't touch the stick at all the tail comes up when she's ready to fly then slight back pressure on the stick and airborne. Wheels up and trim to keep level and let the speed build, taking out the rudder trim as speed increases to keep the slip gauge right in the middle.
  10. Basco, don't give up on her! Jump onto the Aerobatics Online server and sit in my nav seat. I'm definitely no expert but I would be happy to give you some pointers. Then swap and I'll jump into the nav and you have a go. Let me know when is good for you if you would like to give it a whirl. But don't give up on the Mossie. Once you get it she's the pick of the bunch!.
  11. Same here. Wouldn't know how to do an auto start!. Being a pilot, ground crew or having anything to do with aircraft really is a job where having OCD is actually a great advantage!. DCS also helps out too with the old OCD!.
  12. @Lurker Agree 100% on all your points.
  13. Yeah, I see that. But why pressure refuel these tanks and not open line them?
  14. Interesting, I didn't know this. So what was the reason for pressure refuelling the inner tanks only? and why were the other tanks not refuelled in this way? All the warbirds I ever refuelled at station air shows were open line. One occasion I was refuelling a Grumman Avenger and it air locked and spat fuel out of the tank filler point all over the wing, it even ran down into the cockpit floor! The pilot didn't bat an eyelid, he just said "ach don't worry about that, does it all the time! it'll soon evaporate" and it did. AVGAS is stinky volatile stuff.
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