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  1. Some of you might remember me, some not. It was long time I didn't even think of this sharade called LOMAC, DCS, etc for one simple reason. All this turned into bad attempt for ED to make money and to do nothing what community wants or need. After all I felt like i waste 7-8 years of my life talking to the walls, and didn't get right answer. Some of friends surely can remember what i said before 2.0 showed. If we were smart, we should keep playing 1.12 and let ED, and GGTharos to play this crap. As Falcon said, community is totally destroyed, nothing remains except fake promises, and some makeups... Fact is ED dont give a damn for community and what we all want. Fact is community doesn;t need GG's maths about missiles and bs, ppl want fun and a chance to organize as before. Fact also is ED didnt offer nothing to community, it was always "us" squadrons which rent game servers, make mods etc, and make LO grow up. And even that wasn't enough. At some point i realize i am wasting my time waiting for better, and I disband a squadron. I miss things, miss you guys and miss old days. My opinion is, nothing's gonna change. LO rest in peace. S! from =SE=blackG.... Let the force be with you :)
  2. e nesreco jedna, zato je Lock On i pukao lol ;)
  3. Hey guys I really dont see any trouble with all this on forums :) SE guys pls step back with comments, also Ragnarok, cause I cant see progress and constructive dialog about future of FC 3. This tread is overloaded with ED testers and team members, not simple users, and its obvious trend to show how American planes and missiles are better than Russian. I am tired of that anglo-saxon "we are always the best" thing. I see you laughing and humiliating on ppl here, even some ppl which dont have much skills in flying showed on public servers. IF ever was like that and US planes were better that much thro history, US will attack Russia for sure anytime, so truth is in real life theres a balance which is still present. I dont see proof from both sides except some pics with diagrams, maths and calculations and nothing signed on it. I could make those same way they did. Its just a bit of photoshop work :)) Why should i trust you ED??? You never did what you promised to community... I can remember forums about FC 2, with same stories about "reality" and "real" data you have, but now, its all forgotten and you say you dont go back on FC 2. Hmmmm... Fact is also LO dont have any improvements except mission editor, triggers and some "makeup". And about SE which you try to laugh on here.... SE was a squadron with more then 35 members, taking a part on more then 40 events all over LO community and for 3 years lose just 2 events. First was BSS long ago, and last was (first and last) RED FLAG in 2.0 which was exploated and cheated from one of your "testers and 2 more guys. We all know good who is that guy..... Personally i dedicate 6 years of my life to LO, and i feel very sad that passion stops. Maybe you ED testers can make an event like this: You on one side all in F-15s, and hero's squadron led by Pilotasso, Boberos, with all those F-15 lovers on other side, so you can SPAMM-RAM each other to infinity. Drama will go away, you will be happy, case closed. P.S. Those guys just wanted to do something constructive and to make LO rollin and in future for all of us, but simply you just dont even listen them. It's lack of respect actually... So sad.
  4. Thats why LO 3 or any other version has no future, and community will die..... cheers!
  5. This post make me to say something.... MP in 1.12 was great and community was large. Each weekend was some of missions, or event all over. BSS, Red Flag, GI, Nucleus, Cooperative Archer and more. People were happy, satisfied, nobody was thinking about some perfect cockpit, or extra details, all were about to log hyper lobby and have awsome evenings in combat. Skies were on fire on all severs, multiply options for dogfighters, BVR, A2G everything. Many squadrons took a part, some more some less but all of us was flying, making friendships, starting argues and fight :) but we were HAPPY!!! Then showed 2.0.... Instantly half of squadrons died, rest was crippled and decreased, public events DEAD! I remember first Red Flag in 2.0, was failure. Servers were empty even in evening hours. I am very afraid what will happen after 3.0. I red almost all posts here and all i see is dissopointment. All of us trying to do something to save this sim, bcs we remember old days. Gents if you dont have community and working, active servers playable - you dont have NOTHING! This is all in vain. Give opportunity to simmers to win learning expirience and with trainings, not with some fancy crap, and with making favoritism of one side. This is war, combat sim, and if you make one side, same side wont have anyone to fight with. Game is over. S! all.
  6. Yes, yes, ED nerfed F-15 badly, he cant shoot under water too :))) Dude ED leave you an option in LO to win against SU 27, hardly but it's possible :) in real life is not at all cheers!
  7. Bro I suggest you to wait for FC6 and alu-wheels upgrade for F-15's ;)
  8. Exactly! Put MIG 29 a side, lets see WHY SU 27 and SU 33 *MUST* use low altittude tactics to confront F 15 in FC 2? ED guys those planes NOT flying LOW in real life, and if they MUST in your "simulation" , then you did something very wrong, and try to fix that, otherwise all this chat here is in vain
  9. Sure, all noobs fire like mashineguns and miss its 8-0 per 1 flight lol
  10. Good point Tek, I forget to say about ER missiles are much faster then any AIMs, thats why Russians still dont have a serious need for active missiles. That means if SU 27 and F 15 shoot to each other at same time F 15 dies first in any case. In LO - NOT Not to mention crippled ET Congrats to 51st and big S! to ppl which didnt get noob planes to save their status as squadron in community and stay loyal to skills. Greetings from SE
  11. They say we need to change tactics? Why should i lick the ground bcs someone decided to give to F 15 abilities which gives them power that players dont even need to know to fly to make kills. Thats stupid and you know that. let ED offer free training camp for noobs which need active missiles to shoot in salvos, and we will be all happy and satisfied. Those guys want a game, to take off, and enemy planes just to fall down in front of them, lol. You Flankerator know good about times when servers were all full of players sometimes 50+ look at multiplayer now? It's like graveyard with broken souls. If we need to push SU 27 and SU 33 to fly between hills, just to make F 15 lovers happy, thats waste of time for me. MIG 29G is something else. P.S. Ask yourself how many squadrons and players vanish all of sudden and why. You will get old on this forums waiting for mercy something to happen, but i wont for sure. Yea F 15 have some issues, dont want to fly by itself and shoot down 10 planes in one flight, maybe those guys desperately want that in some of new additions of FC 6 maybe who knows ;)
  12. Dude, you watch CNN to much, listen.... R-27R have 6 times bigger distance for "pusk" then in your "realistic" 2.0 (according to Russian real pilots) its totally useless and R-27ER with breaking lock on simple little move, EOS and ET missile are humiliated, not to mention ECM start-up bulls*** for 15 sec which is pure fairytale brought in 2.0 just to take out a tool to confront F 15 (in real initialy is needed about 1 minute, which you can do during take off, far away from combat for warm up, and later is ONLY!!! 1 second needed) I think real pilots know more then ED and some so-called experts on this forum. So, dont twist my words here, when i said BALANCE I meant about just 1 or some adventages of Russian planes taken in 2.0 after 1.12, coz theres not any anymore. Another thing... before this 2.0 crap i had more then 600 flying hours every year in Lock On on public servers only, not counting squad trainings, etc, so dont even dare to preach me with some cheap frases here. Don't ever dare to say word "reality" if F 15 need 8 missiles (we call that in squadron un-installing) to shut down in smoke and flames which still heading to us and lunch missiles, dont even dare to preach while AIM 120 dodged turn 180 degrees and start to chase us without losing power and speed from behind, dont even dare to post that again until AIM 120 go around hills and continue chase us even dont have us locked and visual. 2.0 was a bad dream and last time i hope that nightmare will stop, so we all could have fun finally. You dude get SU 27 with SARH and come 1 vs 1 and you will see how much skills you have, I am really tired to listen hit and run aces here. I lose my interests in LO when i saw fresh noobs which pay for 2.0 30$ entering server and shoot down expirienced guys which fly 6+ years. Thats sad story about LO, so here is not about improvements, here is all about money. I red all 80+ pages of this thread, and all i got to say is: I wont pay 0.99$ until i see something really changed on humiliated Russian planes and missiles. ED played on card for "western" users where money is, but they forget a fact theres lots of guys there love to fly Russian birds, and to have real opponent not junk aircrafts without any chance to confront. It's not about money, it's about respect of community and ppl which dedicated lots of time for years individualy or in squadrons for LO. blackG over and out, dont have anything to say more
  13. yesssssssssss but sadly dude, you ruined all...
  14. Another makeup? :) Hey ED guys, I wasn't around for long because you already destroy community previously with amazing 2.0 arcade, with F 15C aka AIM 120 / everything is possible for 30$, I am just curious whats next move.... For all ppl which enjoyed 1.12, I really want to hop (for the last time) you will bring something "normal" back. I wanted to disband squadron last year, but sincerly I hoped you realize what have you done with your "western" realism, and you will make some real moves to make Lock On interesting again. Without balance of east-west planes with REAL values, this game is dead once for all time. I want to mention there wasn't any progressive international event like before (red flag, BSS etc) under 2.0 arcade, and I really miss the past. Public multiplayer servers became like sanatariums for noob aces with F 15 planes under control. Only few squadrons kept a tradition to fly real planes like SU 27, SU 33 and I salute them, they will recognize themselfs. S! them
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