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  1. New EWR AN/FPS-117 does not act as EWR ( does not provide players with target information) and does not provide datalink updates to planes like F-16C and F/A-18C Lot 20.
  2. Does this feature work as intended in 2022?
  3. Linx

    F16I SUFA Mod

    Multicrew F-16? Where can I sign up? If this thing works well in MP, it will be add a whole new dimension to the DCS F-16.
  4. Thanks for the continued support for this project.
  5. It was removed from planned weapons long time ago, along with AIM-9P and AIM-120A. Probably did not fit the time frame.
  6. @gromit190 Script does not seem to work well in the latest DCS Open Beta. If units are killed and are about to be respawned via :setReinforceTimer(), script returns this error:
  7. Have you noticed any performance difference between the two ECM pods or is it purely cosmetical?
  8. Ohh cant wait for this one!!! What are you using in place of Sea Cat? Sea Sparrow?
  9. Uhh, now this is one to look out for!
  10. Would it be possible to add CAS tasking to these two AI assets?
  11. Any update on this? Russian CIWS still ignore Maverick missiles in latest OB.
  12. It was on ED official Discord. Link to the post: https://discord.com/channels/542985647502393346/543014378643914752/888507126241198122
  13. Just a bug probably. Maybe we ought to report it. EDIT: Seems it is coming next patch?
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