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  1. Hello Again -- loaded new update ( and can see ED worked on the issue. Good news. At least, missions are loading now. Need to spend some time with it. :smilewink:
  2. I have been looking for any new info on the status of this issue (mission freeze up during loading) but cannot find any. As per earlier reports, version works fine, but any updating to either or exhibits the freeze at "World Preload: 1/60" during mission load. I have had to revert to version to regain mission function. Any new status or word with this issue? Much Appreciated!
  3. Hello and many thanks for solving my immediate problem :thumbup: I guess it is what we get for buying a 'beta'...(chuckle) Hope they get these basics, like the navigation tools, fixed ASAP. No fun trying to fly realistically. Oh well, thanks again for the help!!!!
  4. Hello All --- just got the C-101 and have been trying to get the ILS system (localizer and glideslope) to function. I am using 2.0 on the Nevada map. Seems that no matter what I do, I cannot get the ILS receiving function to work --- the localizer and glideslope indicators will not move indicating the ILS is being received. Maybe I am missing something but ILS frequency is set correctly at my airport of choice. No joy. Read the manual, searched everything I can find on the forum and no help anywhere. Comments/suggestions PLEASE!!! :smilewink: Thanks --- Bob
  5. Yep, looks like Chuck's Guide is a real mountain of information. Will work on that one for sure --- THANKS!!!
  6. Good Morning All --- and THANK YOU for all the feedback. I will certainly start work on the key assignments and also consider a nice HOTAS set up. I sure appreciate the help. Many Thanks ---- Bob
  7. Wow, over THIRTY views and no comments?? Any help???
  8. Hello All --- well, I am a newbie with the M2000C and need some help. I am using DCS 1.5.5 and am struggling with the control of the radar. I have no trouble locking up targets but have not been able to find any info on the KEYSTROKES for control of the M2000C (and its radar). The info in DCS is non-existent (only a few keys indicated) so could use any direction to a write up, etc. Also, I have not been able to figure out how to SINGLE TARGET TRACK LOCK yet??? I have the latest release of the M2000C. Help please!!! :) What is the key for single target track lock??? Any help and pointers welcome!!!! Thanks, Bob ;)
  9. Hello All --- well, heck. It is still crashing and the latest rev is worse than the previous 1.2.6. So again, it is back to 1.2.5 so I can play without crashing. Latest rev crashing after about 5 mins of play. Also noticed much more stuttering in the game with this latest 19532 than the previous 1.2.6 revs. Cheers / Bob :(
  10. Still Crashing Just another input. Updated today from 1.2.5 to latest and saw some improvement (longer run time) but the game still crashes. Game crashing after several minutes of play instead of after 30 seconds or so of play. OK, back to 1.2.5. :( Cheers --- Bob
  11. Hi AtaliaA1 --- Thanks for your comment, but this is really not the way to "fix" the problem(s) with 1.2.6. Only the devs can do this, the right way, by identifying the ACTUAL CAUSE of the problem, patching the code, then putting out a new release. Guessing and hoping that we know what the problem is can do more harm than good. This is a job for the professionals to fix properly. Thanks / Cheers --- Bob :D
  12. Chasing Witches Hello All --- well, after trying a few of the recommended "fixes" posted, it is clear that the problem with 1.2.6 crashing is 1.2.6. I have reverted back to 1.2.5 (again) which continues to work just fine. Have tried it all, trying to find a clue, but nothing. As before, my system is up-to-date, works fine with all major programs, as well as DCS 1.2.5. My system resources should be more than adequate and well beyond the average system. So PLEASE!!! :helpsmilie: Please find the issue/difference in 1.2.6 so we ardent supporters of DCS can get on with gaming --- :D Thanks, Bob
  13. Retro to 1.2.5 Well, no doubt about it. 1.2.6 is definitely problematic. I went retro to 1.2.5 and all is working just fine again. Very stable and NO CRASHES (ever). We patiently await a repaired 1.2.6 and its new attributes. Thanks All --- Cheers, Bob ;)
  14. OK, here is a bit more detail. First, this is a BUSY custom mission which I have previously flown HUNDREDS of times before the latest update. Never a problem. In this test, unlike my other sorties, I waited on the ground (no control activation) before taking off, for about 5 minutes. No crash. Next, I took off but did not select any weapons or a/a modes. Chased enemy planes for a few minutes. No crash. Next, I selected an a/a mode (3 key) and locked up a few targets but did not release any weapons. Few minutes. No crash. Next, started releasing weapons, selected different a/a missles, exercised all --- no crash. Kept at this for a while but NO CRASH. Now, I went back to my earlier scenario. Mission loaded. I IMMEDIATELY took off and began pursuing enemy planes, locked up targets and began releasing missles and CRASH! Just as before. Generated crash within 30 seconds of advancing throttle as noted. The only difference was the timing within the two scenarios. Kept everything else the same. Never had a problem with this before. For what it is worth, I have deliberately tested DCS to its saturation (overload) limits and have never had a crash. Strange scenario. Sorry, I could not get a crash file to copy over. Thanks --- Bob
  15. Hello!!! When this happens, it is usually within about 30-45 seconds after my mission is loaded and ready to go. I have taken off and am pursuing enemy A/C in the F-15 in any air-to-air mode. So far, I have not been able to tie the crash (system locks up) to any specific action. As far as drivers, etc, EVERYTHING is current in my system. Recall that I noted that everything has been PERFECTLY FUCTIONAL AND NO CRASHES EVER until your latest update was installed. All other heavy applications are running just fine. I am not using any mods. Totally stock DCS install and software. Many Thanks --- Bob :)
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