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  1. See here, is this the same?
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    Frame Drop Bug

    Switch? Can you show me to an article or such as to what that switch is etc? So I haven't missed anything on my end. What card? And congrats!
  3. That doesn't change or show anything. This is what's important. The game makes the GPU peak at 100% while at the same time drop power to 50%. It's only this game It's not only me I'm 90% certain this is due to how DCS uses the texture memory.
  4. I don't know if you said this as an answer to my reply, but if you read my post you will see I say the same thing: it's only in DCS, and I can hapily run any other game at full draw on the gfx card without any similar problems.
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    Frame Drop Bug

    I can push it to occur in the menu - but that takes really over-driving the gfx settings in the occulus and such. So I would answer "it's only in-game for me", as there is a limit to what you should expect to be possible in the first place.
  6. Yup! Precisely! This is what I see too (although I didn't mention the re-projection errors as those are an artifact of the other problems. See here!! (Preferably, delete this thread and add it to mine? Also Uprate my post to make it visible) Edit: It's a good thing you're on a different VR set (I have Quest 2) and a slightly different Gfx card (even better than mine, I only have an RTX 3080). This proves it's not a VR kit or specific gfx card issue. PS: I'm sorry you have it too, but glad I'm not alone...
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    Frame Drop Bug

    I suspect these two are related
  8. Easy. That took all but 5 minutes. The Afterburner view is in an image. And attached a .7z with the full log the DCS .crash file, as well as the .dmp file two of the SRS logs Since the log uses UTC rather than Zulu, the time to look for is 18:52:30. I've pasted the portion from 18:51:25 till I quit the mission below. 2022-04-12 18:51:25.949 INFO NET: Current ping: 37.6ms 2022-04-12 18:51:55.961 INFO NET: Current ping: 36.8ms 2022-04-12 18:52:05.932 WARNING Mission: register_unit(1005810,18188033) : db.units['1005810'] table is missing 2022-04-12 18:52:25.967 INFO NET: Current ping: 36.9ms 2022-04-12 18:52:56.029 INFO NET: Current ping: 36.7ms 2022-04-12 18:53:18.227 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16800524:aircrafts/f-16/f110ge129_rpm3_front): gain 2022-04-12 18:53:18.227 ERROR SOUND: invalid source_params(woLA-16800524:aircrafts/f-16/f110ge129_rpm3_side): gain 2022-04-12 18:53:26.039 INFO NET: Current ping: 37.0ms 2022-04-12 18:54:23.246 WARNING LOG: 1 duplicate message(s) skipped. 2022-04-12 18:54:23.246 INFO NET: disconnected: 0 2022-04-12 18:54:23.256 INFO NET: disconnected from server 2022-04-12 18:54:23.732 INFO NET: client has stopped 2022-04-12 18:54:23.864 INFO Dispatcher: Stop Logs.7z
  9. Check here. Imho, the frame times is a symptom, not the cause. This is deeply worrying
  10. Hey I'm still chasing a very odd problem that I'm having. I got my Zotac RTX 3080 "Gaming" a few days ago, which has replaced my 1080 Ti. I have used DDU to remove all old drivers and installed nVidia from scratch. The card is mounted with 2x 8-pin cables, as you can see here. My problem however, is really really odd. While playing DCS in VR (which is what I've used basically all the time since getting the new card as it's here that I have the problem). So what is it? Well... As you see from this image, the card will suddenly do something which doesn't make any sense at all. It will: spike the GPU at 100%... while lowering (!) power consumption by 1/3 while increasing (!) demand on the Bus and the result is a net loss of fps by 2/3 (from 45 to 15) (Disregard when the graph shows 0 fps as that's when I have the game in the background, those moments are "normal".) It will stay like the indefinitely, or until I pause the game--which doesn't pause the 3D rendering and VR! After a 5s or so in pause and task switched to a different program, the curves will bounce back and I can go back to the game, for a while until it starts again. I have also removed all Oculus software following the correct procedures, and reinstalled that too. I normally use the Quest 2 via a USB cable which is more stable than going by Wi-fi. But I have also tried over Wi-fi, and I have exact same behavior there too, i.e with the VR headset having zero cables going into the PC! I've stressed the card running MSI Kombustor for 15 min, and it's stressing the card way beyond anything DCS does even in VR, with higher average GPU % load and much higher average Power (W) usage. I've also started OBS and some other tools simultaneously to push the card even further. And it's doing this without a hiccup. Here's an image of this test I have also run DCS on "pancake" (i.e, not VR) and have zero problems when used like that. The forums are void of this problem as far as I've been able to find. Even though I really don't think the problem is related to my PSU, just to be sure, I have today replaced my old Corsair CX750 with a brand new Cooler Master V850 Gold V2. And I still have the same behavior... I would normally expect the W to go hand in hand with the GPU %, but it doesn't. And the behavior is completely random; I'm not doing anything special, or going to a "dense" place. It can happen with me sitting there not doing anything. That means that the load on the CPU and/or GPU aren't changing. I have tried bumping up the fans to max to see if it was correlated with temperatures, but nope. Does anyone have a clue as to what this is? Anyone? Anything? Help is MUCH appreciated.
  11. It's not like this mission is difficult to recreate. You see everything needed in the youtube clip too. But here: Bk90 test.miz
  12. ADDENDUM The problem seems to be linked to the altitude of the target (area). Above a certain altitude, the AI will not attack, even if the terrain is perfectly flat. Let's agree that a lake is perfectly flat. In the first image, the lake is at 2077 m, and the AI will not attack In the second image, the lake is at 2077 m, and the AI will not attack In the third, the lake is at 1078, and the AI attacks as expected I have tried many more altitudes, and 1462 m doesn't work. It seems to be tied to altitude somehow. But it's all very random. It may be linked to the altitude at which the AI is looking to drop the Bk90's. As the area nears 1200 or 1300 meters, the AI starts behaving erratically. In the 1148 meter test, over a lake (img 4), the attack is done very late, like under 2 km range, as opposed to the normal 7 or 8 km over flat terrain. Sometimes, the AI won't drop both Bk90's (which it's set to in the mission). Heatblur should look into this.
  13. This video shows a problem I have run across with the Viggen. The way the AI will behave changes completely based on where the waypoints are on the map. There's no way for me to create a mission if I can't rely on the AI behaving somewhat predictably. Hope someone has an explanation and solution for this odd behavior. @IronMike https://youtu.be/nF3eQTVPAC4
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