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  1. Yep, still waiting for the P-47....good to see you to mate :)
  2. Is it a 'simple' act of including an Nvidia Ansel to the install by DCS? The possibilities for screenshots are incredible and include 61k output render and 360 VR output. From 3 minute mark: I just think that as this simulator is so good looking, having the ability to share VR imagery and huge poster size screenshots (to print) would be a great marketing tool for the software? Cheers, MP
  3. But for some reason posting the link here breaks it? Copy the following and paste it into the address bar, then add the text described below. http://www./files/file/3111-dcs-tf-51p-51d-checkertail-skin-pack/ After the full stop following www the word "lock on files" (without spaces) should be inserted after the full stop and before the /
  4. All authentic skins. Fortunately Tom has redone them and posted a link :) http://www.****************/files/file/3111-dcs-tf-51p-51d-checkertail-skin-pack/
  5. Digging this one up from the grave. Sadly these files are no longer available and Tom doesn't have them. Does anyone have this skinpack on their computer they could share please? Cheers, MP
  6. Well I did fire up DCS today and it really was glorious to sit in the cockpit firstly of a jet and then the Spitfire. One issue I had was my position in the Spitfire cockpit. My eye level was looking straight at the mirror so was unable to look through the gunsight. Firing the guns was more just for fun as I really could barely make out the enemy (or, I had no clue where they were unless the labels were switched on). I do get what you are saying about Track IR in comparison to actually sitting in the environment, it is fantastic, but the resolution just isn't enough for me yet to give up the monitor. I use the DK2 as more of a wow this is cool rather than thinking I could be competitive with it..... especially spotting contacts. But for a flight around and experiencing what the future holds, damn it's good fun :) Cheers, MP
  7. Ok, I should try DCS today and am looking forward to it. In regards to obsolete DK2, I (now it is working) am glad I persevered with it because it it really has made me see how much fun this really is. That said though, having read reports about CV1 being a reasonable upgrade to the DK2 I don't see myself investing £500+ on it BUT I do think when CV2 arrives I will invest as the experience, although a little grainy really makes me get why this is such a great big of kit. For the price I got DK2 (£125) I don't have any regrets and hopefully it's going to work later in DCS. All of this for me is just seeing if it would be an experience I would consider ahead of buying a GSync monitor. At the moment I'd rather go with a large 4K GSync monitor and enjoy what I can in DK2, but when CV2 arrives....I'll get it. This is great fun :) Oh and regarding old runtimes, couldn't find a link to them but will it make a difference if Oculus DK2 is not supported​ anymore? Anyway, it's great fun and worth the effort....But the first time I jumped in the air in "Lucky's Tale", blimey my stomach dropped. It was like being on a roller coaster...Took a few minutes for it to pass but I get the motion sickness reasoning. Still, not an issue and felt fine afterwards :) Cheers, MP
  8. Okay. Good news :) I did manage to get to the Settings, general tab...switched on other sources and the bad boy is up and running. Sadly I can't use the debug tool kit so have no way of sharpening the image...but having just (forgive me) tested Project Cars.....it works and now I can't wait to get into the air :) (Just have to clean the lenses first! Thanks for the help guys. It's not perfect but it certainly is bloody cool! Cheers, MP
  9. I am doing that now :) dburne. I didn't. I tried the Switcher software but on running the executable it didn't find the Oculus software :(
  10. Ah, but that is where it's buggered unfortunately. In the setup I click through the screens. When I get to the screen where it says please plug in your headset and HDMI cable the sensor comes up with a green tick but the headset and HDMI have grey spinning circles because they are waiting to be connected. I cannot go past that screen by clicking next because it doesn't detect the headset or HDMI are connected unless I choose "Skip". If I choose Skip, Oculus lights up, the room (in goggles) opens up and I can look around in VR look at the library wall, etc, etc. It works. But I can't go to the options and choose Settings (to enable other sources) as it puts me into the setup screen.....So back in a loop :( Is there a way of editing a config file somewhere outside of the user interface at-least that way I may have a chance? So frustrating that it actually works but the setup doesn't detect the cables are connected :( Cheers, MP
  11. Well, I did get it to work...sort of :( Nothing changed, all I did was when I got to the place where it asks you to plug the USB Headset connection in and HDMI, I chose 'Skip'. It then booted in the headset and I had the default room with log burning fire.....and a great big message "DK2 is not supported in the Oculus Store or Library" I did download "Lucky's Tale" and the 3D scale is really impressive and very enjoyable. I also have Project Cars inmy Steam Library, booted it, but Oculus says I'm trying to access it on an unknown device....so I can't try anything like DCS, PCars or anything unless I am strongarmed into purchasing a CV1 and to be honest I just can't do that as the reason for buying a DK2 was to see if I suffered from motion sickness. I can't invest over £500 on the off-chance I'll be okay :( Anyway, it sort of works but at the moment all I can play is Lucky's Tale :) Oh well! Thanks for the feedback guys, cheers, MP
  12. Hi Chivas, yes I remember very well your great offer :) This is more just because I want to give it a try, just to see how I cope with it and if I can move forward with it. Currently...totally spannered! lol
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