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  1. In the Hornet I assume so, since TACAN ON automatically activates those as well. Those channels also worked on the Viper and Hog in the past, but I haven't flown either of those in roughly a year.
  2. I've flown the F11 camera all under the terrain mesh and there's nothing. The only two things that appear below the terrain mesh are road/rail tunnels and bridge pylons. I bet the whole thing is just an inside joke amongst the devs. Otherwise there would be at least pictures sans coordinates by now.
  3. That chart doesn't seem to be completely implemented in DCS. I often use 29Y for tankers and it works fine in the Hornet and Tomcat despite supposedly being unavailable.
  4. Title is referring to the DCS setting specifically named "TrackIR External Views," as the "bug" or whatever it should be called is only evident when that setting is enabled. It's an issue specific to that setting, as clearly stated in the opening post. This is slightly frustrating, as no matter how carefully I word things and no matter how much information I give, it feels like respondents are skimming over my text instead of reading it fully.
  5. My mistake for not mentioning OpenTrack in the first, post, however all subsequent posts claerly state I am using OpenTrack.
  6. I've been using channels like 63Y. Tune to 63Y, A/A, I get DME but no bearing. My understanding is the DME part is realistic, but like Matze said I should be required to set my TACAN 63 away. Currently that part doesn't work. Occasionally I get channels that don't work at all, like 28Y. No permutation of T/R, A/A, X/Y, or even 63 away will work.
  7. I have six profiles, all reset from zero. They are not linked to any games: Game detection is blank. All six profiles exhibit this behavior on DCS and not on any other sims. The fact that this only occurs in DCS is an indication that there is some issue with its interaction with DCS or DCS itself. Those are the only two conclusions available. I am also not the only one who experiences this with OpenTrack+DCS. It is not TrackIR. It is OpenTrack.
  8. I want external headtracking without the view centering, as it is in all the DCS cinematics where TrackIR external views are enabled yet there is no view centering. The issue is not seen in OpenTrack nor other sims like MSFS or BMS. It only occurs in DCS.
  9. Still having this issue. My Opentrack profile does not have a deadzone on the pitch axis. My TrackIR axes in DCS do not have deadzones, curves, or saturation adjustments. I still have this strange deadzone on the vertical centerpoint of the camera, often exacerbated at higher zoom levels.
  10. Outstanding, it worked! I'll have to set aside some time on the weekend to re-save all the jets, and give his VF-103 pack the same treatment as well.
  11. Sounds like he was mixing up SHB with standard CASE I. "Nasty" would do an offset SHB at 600/600 (600ft 600kts). The 450kts is a guideline, as someone else mentioned. I recall hearing that it was anywhere between 350-450, pilot preference for low speed low G or high speed high G.
  12. Is this only for the Tomcat? A/A works in the Hornet for tankers, or at least partially. T/R is sour for me.
  13. Did you do every single file, including the acid-trip yellow/orange ones? I started off with just the primary textures.
  14. Oh jeeze I was so confused. I kept trying to go to paint.net, as in the website, and it was leading me to an unclaimed domain. Genius name for software if you don't want anyone to find it Okay so got it but, there must be a specific setting somewhere for the DDS export. If I use the default settings pictured below it does not fix the jaggies. Are my settings wrong?
  15. Just save as generic DDS or are there specific DXT settings that need to be selected in Paint.net?
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