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  1. 5,000lbs with centerline tank, two Sidewinders, one AMRAAM, and ATFLIR is right at restricted trap weight according to the sim. Are our weight calculations funky or would they lower the Tankstate if a jet had to bring back more than 1,000lbs of ordnance (State 4.0 or less)?
  2. There's a bit of a bug where the fuse keeps resetting itself to SAFE any time you deselect the bomb. It keeps catching me by surprise as well.
  3. The lua edit for that doesn't work any more either. I edited it for both my client and dedicated server and they still give improper wingsweep/launchbar signals.
  4. They try to bring back as much as they can. All of these are factored into planning, and it's one of the many reasons why you'll see operational photos of Hornets carry very little ordnance. During Southern Watch, for example, a Legacy Hornet may launch with only 1 AGM88 and 1 CBU99. I can't check exact numbers but if you had to come back with that you should still be able to trap with about 2000~2500lbs of fuel left, just hazarding a guess from my typical bringback payload (3500~4000lbs with ATFLIR, 2 heaters and a Slammer). I don't think Tomcats ever flew with more than 2 fat bois at a time. The 4 or 6 payloads were "doomsday" payloads when they were sure to fire most or all of them off in defense of the fleet.
  5. With Wake Turbulence off, 23kts over the deck (7kts natural wind IIRC) angled to cancel out x-wind component by Airboss scripting, I consistently observe AoA slightly increase in-close, significantly increase at the ramp, then significantly decrease in-the-wires. Prior to the burble I don't recall such AoA fluctuations. I can't quantify what the aircraft or my throttle is doing since I'm focused on the ball and lineup, but that's just one thing I've observed from watching the AoA bracket.
  6. A virtual hand to cast a shadow over MFDs washed out by the sun would be nice too.
  7. That's the beauty of CASE I and the sim in general. The basics are easy, then when you want more challenge you add another layer, like tightening your groove time. Then you can add another layer, like timing your recovery with launches and other traffic in the pattern. Then another layer with some SHB action.
  8. I'm curious on the same. I have a fuzzy memory of a Zone 3 shore takeoff but I haven't been able to find written confirmation of that. Unless the throttles have detents for each AB zone, it would seem difficult to hit a specific Zone other than max with how long the light delay is.
  9. In that case I'm not sure, but I do know Airboss has ICLS on/off functions in addition to the channel and morse identifier. You could set multiple triggers with a different airboss lua file for each that turns the ICLS off/on or changes the channel.
  10. When the script is loaded the ICLS is turned on with the channel and morse identifier I defined in the lua; I deleted the ICLS and TACAN Advanced Waypoint Actions for the unit in the ME. Do you mean turn on/off and change channel multiple times in the same mission, or do you just want it on from mission start to mission end?
  11. Although unrealistic and a trigger for the gate keepers here, I tend to cruise in TO HUD mode since it repeats the VVI info.
  12. Have you tried with the Airboss script + MOOSE? ICLS triggered by Airboss scripts works normally for me both in SP and MP.
  13. Fact check me on this, but doesn't a fired HARM have a self-destruct timer in case it doesn't hit a target? I imagine that timer is only triggered when the missile motor burns, so in addition to yeeting the missile off somewhere difficult to locate, the missile should self destruct before hitting the ground.
  14. This must be related to turbulence set in the mission editor, then. Turbulence causes the AoA sensors to come alive while on the ground in all of the modules, and they're more lively the higher you set turbulence.
  15. The hard part about getting a replay track is purposefully flying in such a way to trigger a waveoff, then nailing a good trap the second pass.
  16. Appears to be fixed with the recent update that corrected the gun's trajectory and accuracy issues.
  17. Ground crew comms seem to be the lowest. "Hear like in helmet" on/off while in-mission doesn't change anything. I have "in-cockpit" as low as 40% with "helmet" at 100% and can still barely hear radio with pilot UHF volume knob max.
  18. The tail flash and overall scheme didn't really change between 1990 in the Alphas and the 1992 Charlie media we have, so I assume it would be accurate enough to simply replace the ship name. At that time I'm not sure the Navy had the budget to do complete repaints.
  19. Washington wasn't operational during the Gulf War. Shakedown cruise in 92, maiden voyage in 94. Assuming they had a full complement on board, and assuming the picture caption is correct, that image could be from the 92 Shakedown cruise. Else it's from 94 and someone misdated it. Jet 403 with that BuNo was on both Ike's 91-92 deployment and Washington's 94 deployment, but I cannot find a list of BuNos for the Shakedown cruise. Did find this:
  20. Found two here. Ctrl+F for 1990. The overall livery is exactly the same as the Washington deployment, just with different ship name (same font and placement) and it appears the "NAVY" mark is in white. These are As, though. Everything after these pictures is Cs on the Washington. The Washington's first deployment was 1994, so it's impossible for them to have been deployed on her in 91-92 (the Washington wasn't even comissioned until 92). The picture captions claiming that time period are wrong.
  21. Concur with others, this sounds like retreating blade stall. The only time I have ever crashed in the Apache (as in non-combat loss) it was from LTE while transitioning to hover in a hot, high, and heavy situation.
  22. Could we get an option to manually add LSO grades for using Airboss script or for online squadrons who use human LSOs? Also useful for Harrier+LHA. I tried the following steps to manually add it: 1. Upload debreif.log (no LSO score recorded) 2. Edit event info on logbook site 3. Add "LSO: GRADE: OK : WIRE# 3" after "LANDING" event 4. Save event I also tried manually adding it to the debrief.log file itself, but the grade did not appear in my greenie board.
  23. Nimitz SoLant cruise around Cape Horn '86-87 (approximation)
  24. Would be nice to have separate audio options for modules, or have the cockpit sounds toned down. I need cockpit sounds high for other modules to sound decent, so constantly adjusting audio settings when bouncing between the Tomcat and other modules is a pain in the butt.
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