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  1. I read a book about chopper test pilots once. the main question for a company is what is the test pilot describing as hard and what does he mean by easy. To what does he describe as impossible airframes to fly in his career..... and more importantly, is that chopper still hard to fly once the test pilot had 200 hours on the type? in the wonderful world of choppers what is hard and what is easy when developing choppers? I am waiting for an answer mind. you see it or feel it Raptor9?
  2. on my way to second thread. huh. you see it or feel it Raptor9? I see nothing like this.
  3. Higher speeds or any speed????? the velocity definition is vague. for sure I do not see it in lower velocities up to 130 KM/h perhaps I am just happily trimming it out without noticing!
  4. It is not twist of the tail boom M1 combat, I have not gone into that much detail yet. It is 2 very distinct forces moving in opposing directions. 1) is the tail rotor pushing or doing nothing at the high end of the tail fin connected to the tail boom.... (this depends on the pedal position). 2) is the resisting force, 9 tons of airframe inertia that is located point force in the tail end and connects at the low end of the tail fin. There is no twist in the discussion yet..... just two massive rotational forces. There is only rotation around the tail boom. There is a massive force multiplayer in the distance from the very base of the tail fin (point connect tail boom) and the tail rotor ( point connect top of tail fin). There is no discussion here. There is strong rotation around that high tail..... it is fundamental physics. IF you drop your collective to zero and do not adjust your pedals to suit, then your governor will ensure a massive rolling force through the tail rotor.
  5. But I have to admit. I am well behind the curve with the Apache and Hind, both of them I "feel" are the best modelled helicopters in DCS, but work keeps me away from testing them and pushing them to their limits. With helicopters there are fundamental truths, an adherence to the physical rules of life, a truth to mathematics and physics. And whilst I have probably 50 hours in the Apache, I feel nothing of what is discussed in forums about its stability. NOTHING. as of 07/07/22 she is very nice indeed. perhaps I am a better pilot. perhaps I have better controllers perhaps flying choppers since 2013 in DCS gave me an advantage, but to me the Apache is lovely.
  6. Ok got it. a clean dive at max speed.... correct? does the ball move in the dive? We are talking maximum speed and at the edge of the airframes max velocity of 240 Km/s.... yes?
  7. Gagging for these bad boys to be released. The apache requires a shocking amount of time heads down in the pit manipulating these MFDs, both for pilot and Co-pilot. You can feel how this bird is torn between the original concept and new age concept! Lets get going Total controls, get my skull out of the pit!
  8. It is OK for me. MAD movement on the dolly trolly rear wheel, it is 360 degrees rotation on that rear wheel when it is free to move, the rear of the airframe follows that wheel perfectly. Control is via the pedals only and it needs to be precise, for sure it is a "WHOAAAA" moment!
  9. you guys using the pedals? Are you chasing the ball? Is your ball within the centred lines in the bottom of the IHADDS? It is very important to chase the ball in the Apache, the high set tail rotor creates a massive rotational force around the low slung tail boom (attached to the main body of the airframe). Due to the massive rotational force created by the tail rotor..... the tail boom will drag the entire airframe into a roll if your trim is out of line..... you guys get this right? A pedal adjustment rolls the entire airframe, but not in the direction you think!!! If the Apache ball is left of centre in your IHADDS, you push left pedal and balance the ball centre on IHADDS...... do not think....... DO IT! Chase the F&^$ing ball! It upsets me that that ED have gone through so much trouble to create perfection but there is so much imperfection at home!
  10. To me the Apache is everything I wanted from an attack helicopter, it is more than I imagined it to be.... far far more than my limited imagination could have imagined! How it integrates information not only between the co-pilot (George) and pilot, but for the wider combat arena and supporting assets is simply fabulous! Put simply, I have a good imagination of how a good attack chopper should behave and do things, but never would I imagine the finer details that the real life designers put into this airframe over 20 or 30 years of development.. fabulous job on the AH-64D ED!!!..... just fabulous! Whilst flying the Apache, Would I like to meet a KA-50 BS2 in a dark shadowed valley?.... No... I hope not, especially if the KA-50 pilot knows the power of the pedals.... no, I would rather avoid them!
  11. The British Apaches have greater power output from their Rolls Royce Engines. Whilst the transmission is the same, the Rolls Royce engines work in a far superior manner to the standard American GE Engines fitted in American Apaches when operating in hot and high combat conditions. The difference is most notable in the Afghan war, Here the vastly superior Rolls Royce engines allowed UK apaches to fly with their FCR installed whilst American Apaches had to remove their FCR to carry the same weapon load.... if not a lower weapon load. In DCS we only have the American Apaches fitted with poor, weak, western and decadent General Electric engines and that is that. All UK Apache doctrines of operation are therefore rescinded to the inferior US of A doctrines of Apache use.... period! THIS RULE MUST BE ACCEPTED ACCROSS ALL UK SQUADRONS.
  12. Ordered. It will be really nice to reduce the head down time in the Apache.
  13. When I first flew the Apache the first thing I thought was "why does it not have a Bleep trim!" But I am with Raptor9 on the bleep trim, It is not there IRL and should not be there in DCS.
  14. My Bad, I only use it to force a habit, but it does very little if nothing at all. Alt hold will be very sweet indeed when it comes.
  15. Hey JackFlash, Where did the Radar Hellfire and FCR target scans come from? Did Ed give them to you? Is this how the FCR targets are displayed? Fantastic looking Apache MFDs by the way. When I purchase in 20H 51Mins, do I need a working account or do I just buy from the website as a guest?
  16. Chopper just seems to hold manually still for me. I have non centring damped pedals and these are a god send for both the Hind and Apache. it requires physical force to adjust the yaw of both these choppers. The ATT upgrade from the last patch is light years ahead of the massive work load required for the pilot to hold a hover! It is critical to do a repair every time there is an upgrade to DCS. I always manually update DCS before I start DCS, if there is an update I repair and then start.
  17. For sure this is true for the AH-64A, and fundamentally I also view this machine in all upgrades in this way. It is fundamentally an anti armour platform. Is our modelled D Apache a bit too early for the ground troop equipment that came or is our 64 too advanced?
  18. That the intimate close air support Apache can not track ground force coms? Well yeah, I think it is funny. But it is what it is I guess.
  19. Good to know. Weird though for a ground attack / CAS chopper do you not think?
  20. It happens.... but I am right about the ADF homing frequencies. You will get no homing frequency from ADF whilst the chaff/flare auto dispenser uses the pathway for auditory warnings.
  21. Perhaps my shooting from the hip diagnostics was wrong then. But I am sure the chaff flare control panel uses the same path ways that the ADF signal homing does... an upgrade thing I believe.... maybe...?.. he he! Or am I just totally wrong!
  22. Waiting for BS3. Very much hoping the Black shark will get a more complex modelling, like the Hind and Apache. Without the president S system, no matter how manoeuvrable the KA-50 is, the Apache is simply awe inspiring! The Apache has such presence on the battle field... It pops up and immediately it knows what is around it, simply from the hard work the enemy does! Very much an asset to a slow and low moving spider, its web of information tingling.... fantastic! Flight model is the best in DCS!
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