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  1. I would be happy if either one of them got a clickable cockpit at the very least, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. It has never worked for me in any multi monitor setup. You should be able to see it if you press ALT+ENTER, but you run the risk of messing something up when you do that, and you will have to do it every time you want to use the thing. This is unacceptable IMO. There NEEDS to be an option to manually place it, and ALL those floating windows that DCS uses such as Kneepad, Control Indicator, AI controls for AH64 etc.
  3. And here we are in 2022. Nothing has changed. Still no way of editing the position of the thing.
  4. I guess the lesson for some, is to actually read the thread before wildly flailing about and reinstalling everything. Always remove mods before updates. All the hacks we see on these forums WILL break something eventually if you don't manage them properly.
  5. The fix shown above is already IN the latest update - it even has a link to ASTO... Either way, the result for me (3 main monitors sideways, +1 extra for mfds to the far right)) is identical to the first release, ie the CPG menu is on screen 1 halfway off the bottom, with the Pilots menu nowhere to be seen. YES I know how to bind them. IMO, this and the control indicator NEED to be movable like the Kneepad, although even that insists on disappearing off to the furthest right monitor and still needs a slight mod like this one to make it appear on the 1st monitor by default. This is not 1990, things like this should not be hard-coded. My fix using the ORIGINAL file places them on the leftmost menu, near the middle. YMMV GREEN STUFF IS MY EDIT Adjust compas_pos & weap_control_pos --not for VR! compass_pos = {-0.8 * total_aspect, 0.5} -- ORIGINAL LINE {-0.82 * total_aspect, -0.7} --relative to screen center, 1 equals screen height afaik weap_control_pos = {-0.8 * total_aspect, 0.5} -- ORIGINAL LINE {0.8 * total_aspect, -0.75} --viewports stuff local v = find_viewport("GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT", "CENTER") if v ~= nil then if v.width ~= total_w or v.height ~= total_h then ULX = v.x ULY = v.y SZX = v.width SZY = v.height local aspect = SZX/SZY -- NOTE ALL THE STUFF IN BLUE IS DIFFERENT IN THE LATEST UPDATE weap_control_pos = {(ULX + SZX / 2 - total_w / 2) / total_w * total_aspect * 2, -(ULY + SZY / 2 - total_h / 2) / total_h * 2} compass_pos = {weap_control_pos[1] + compass_pos[1] * SZX / total_w, weap_control_pos[2] + compass_pos[2] * SZY / total_h} weap_control_size = weap_control_size * v.height / total_h compass_size = compass_size * v.height / total_h end end --end viewports stuff end
  6. Messing with lua files like this (as we currently have to do to position the control indicator for example) is not a "solution". It is a hack that could be broken by next week. Don't worry guys. It only took a few years to make the Kneepad movable, and in a few more, we may even get an option to select a start position in the main menu, for in-game UI, so you never know. That may also apply to the Control indicator & the AI menus.
  7. A lua file in the MB-339PAN folder, in your User mods folder causes the crash. Not in your app install folders. Mods should always be removed, from both Users/userName/Saved Games/DCS/Mods (or DCS.Openbeta/Mods, depending on your setup), and your DCS install folders before installing updates.
  8. The MB339 is officially broken now. Take a look at their page. The last but one page does have a fix to allow it to be used, but the module still does not function correctly with this version of DCS. Note: You must remove the MBB339PAN folder completely from your Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft. If that dosn't work, then you probably have another mod with a problem. Remove them all to start with. Reinsert one at a time. to find out which.
  9. Just Downloading now... And I see that already people are complaining about it! What do you want guys? Read the T&C and meaning of "Early Access" before you start. Meanwhile congratulations to the team, getting it out under such trying circumstances. PS: little congrats to me too. This is post 666 - that has to be significant in some way
  10. Grey, green and black. Exciting times!
  11. What is this insistence on the module being fully complete before a manual can be produced? That is clearly not true, witness the F16, and how the F-18 and Harrier modules had quite lengthy early access manuals, to mention but a few. Most modules have at least a provisional manual that is much more detailed than this quick-start guide that doesn't even mention the Autopilot, which is pretty fundamental to the use of the module, and no, it should also not be necessary for the user to by the Mi-8 in order to learn how that works either.. Non Russian speakers should also not be expected to know about, nor need to find and translate, Russian manuals on the off chance that they might be more informative. Come on now. Just update the English (and presumably other language versions).
  12. I still can't fly the Hind without falling out of the sky yet, so I can wait a little longer for the Apache.
  13. No Idea, I just use it offline.
  14. I feel your pain. I worked on Puma Wessex and Chinook for years, and nowadays, the only things I can remember for certain is what colour they were. Didn't become a pilot though, except in my mind.
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