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  1. That could have been the cause. My latest attempt to run that tutorial did work without these issues. I then made sure that manifold pressure and rpm was in the green area, actually the same as we are told to set it later in the tutorial
  2. In this tutorial after a while still being in active pause mode the plane starts to shake then the engine stops. What is wrong ?
  3. Really using VR or 2D should not matter for this. And btw I use VR
  4. But in my case it was significantly more than 85 seconds that the TACAN was inactive
  5. I tried that and this time the distance was not stuck. But it seemed that the needle did not get active until after a while at which the distance got updated value. Si I turned to the right in order to intercept the localizer. When the beacon got active I could see that I rather should have turned to the left
  6. In the third interactive tutorial I should navigate to a TACAN and I am told to watch out for distances to it. But my HSI always reads 53 miles so this tutorial is difficult to do. But the course deviation needle seem to work
  7. Yes I think so but I should recheck next time
  8. I am referring to the flap indicator to the left of the airspeed mach indicator. It says up not auto. I thought that pressing F would set the thumb switch to auto
  9. In one of the tutorials a dog fight with guns I am supposed to set flaps to auto. That does not work. I have both pressed F on the keyboard and assigned a controller button to it. This does not work. Why ?
  10. In the interactive tutorial over AA DM mode I should fly until I get the plane on the radar. That happens but then after a very short time it disappear from the radar screen. It's very difficult to get it back. I change the radar elevation angle which I think should bring it back but that does often not happen
  11. And during my last attempt it did just that. So this is how it is supposed to be
  12. It's the second take off instant action mission supplied with the plane and nothing user made. This mission loads at the runway with the engines running
  13. As soon as this scenario is loaded my engine quits. I need very many attempts to start the engine again but when done it remains running. What could be wrong here. I see no switches or levers incorrectly set.
  14. But are we supposed to do that ? I would expect the car to move to the runway and then out of the runway.
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