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  1. Looks like the salt is already flowing before the Viper finally gets its FM update. DCS is a sim. We don't care about balance.
  2. Exactly. I've done some long distance flying. Correctly trimming an aircraft makes it mostly hands free if the weather is good.
  3. There is no need to defend here. We're simply pointing out that the default trim setting is impossible to return to once you adjust roll trim.
  4. Roll trim not returning to center seems to be a thing for every jet in the game.
  5. No abnormal issues with my msffb2. My subjective impression is that the Viper is pretty mushy to fly in DCS. Maybe that's what you're noticing. I've tried other sticks without any difference in the handling.
  6. Do we have any videos of t-day flying the dcs F16 and discussing it? I'd love to see him, mover, and other rl pilots discuss the current model together.
  7. Starting at 500 knots, at sea level with 6000lbs of gas, I can definitely reproduce the "arcing" described by mover in the video. The F-16 will hold 9g and start accelerating (g effects turned off because you can't hold 9g long before blackout). Below that it wasn't possible until more fuel burned off. As fuel burns the minimum speed to hold 9g decreases to about 480 knots when you hear "bingo."
  8. According to Gonky the Hornet should aim for a one circle fight against the F-16 or Mig-29, i.e. not a rate fight. It's worth noting that they also observed the F-16 to be too fast at low altitude, with mover saying he overspeeded the jet. These are just my observations of the videos and not a criticism of DCS. Of course the simulation will never be exactly like the real thing, but we also hope for a certain level of verisimilitude so that the expectations of real life pilots agree with the most salient behaviors seen in the simulation.
  9. I've done a lot of DCS BFM in both. If the F-16 pilot is very, very good it can hold an equal rate with the Hornet (and an average pilot). Short of that scenario, the Hornet wins the rate fight, no paddle switch needed.
  10. The only solution for this is to enable labels, at least the dot-labels. A lot of servers are fanatical about no labels whatsoever, but tracking aircraft is already hard enough in 2d, for VR users it is a huge disadvantage.
  11. Need more context. Maybe I'm dumb, sorry
  12. Wait, what does the F-22 Raptor have to do with the F-14? I am confused. Je lis francais, and what follows secures this article as frog bombast: Mauvais joueurs les Anglo-saxon ? On en a maintenant l’habitude. Just as bad as american bombast. French aircraft are awesome but I'm not sure what is gained by trashing our allies. Fwiw, I've known quite a few USAF personnel, and I've never heard them bad mouth the Armée de l'Air or its aircraft.
  13. There is no way the F-14 is a better dogfighter than the Mirage 2000 in DCS. The F-14 might outrate the Mirage at 320 knots, but there is a lot more to it than that. The Mirage can pull so much alpha it's not even funny, and I guess delta wings are famous for that. Back before the F-14 had its flaps made mortal it was a serious threat in BFM. Maybe that's what people are referring to. As for the Fishbed, I've shot down F-15 pilots online with it, with guns, but they were clueless. I'm sure a Cessna could kill an F-22 under the right circumstances.
  14. Too many variables there to give a coherent answer. I can show you this pic though. Both aircraft confirmed to have 1.2 degrees aoa when shooting, both with altitude hold. It looks like the F-18 upward cant is as much as 5 degrees after subtracting aoa.
  15. Nope. And before you say it, I can beat the same guy F-16 versus F-16, but either one of us will win when are in the Flaming Cliffs F-15C. The F-16 is still very outmatched in BFM compared to the Flaming Cliffs F-15C.
  16. You will still get eaten alive by the Flaming Cliffs F-15C. At least, don't drop below 500 knots or you are toast.
  17. That sounds reasonable. The screenshots make it look more like 10 degrees difference!
  18. That is fascinating. I can't find any mention of it. Do you know by how many degrees it is canted upward compared to the F-16?
  19. No, the turn rates are identical. radial acceleration = v^2 / r
  20. Both of these pics are ~400 knots and 4g. In both pics I hold the trigger long enough for the tracers to disappear. I thought these two aircraft had the same gun, or am I seeing things? With the F-16 the tracers are noticeably more spaced out and fall below the HUD. Are the tracer types different, one with longer burn? Different ratio of tracers? I thought these two aircraft had the same gun but my subjective impression was that I don't have to pull nearly as much lead with the F-18, which made me wonder... If I knew nothing about these aircraft I would have assumed the F-16 cannon had a lower muzzle velocity, or fired a different type of shell with different ballistic properties. Appreciate it if someone can explain.
  21. It is so frustrating to relearn this module again and again. Is this it? If I relearn the Mirage now will I have to relearn in 6 months? That's how it's been for years for those who bought the module early. And you linked a document explaining all of the correct and incorrect loadouts? Right?
  22. The so-called PFM for F15 is nothing like flying the hydraulically controlled heatblur Tomcat. Two different airframes, yes, but there is a huge skill gap between the two for BFM. One of them requires finesse and the other is an arcade game. It is a tragedy that any server allows the F15 to fly alongside the DCS modules.
  23. How do we have a Mosquito before the 262? Some people pledged money for the 262 way back during the kickstarter.
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