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  1. Thank you very much for the response. Semper Fi!
  2. DCS World 2 Will DCS World 2 be free for download as was World 1?
  3. Sir I have found that in the log it states that the FW190 files are not getting updated and an error occurs. SO I deleted it from the DCS WORLD directory and all works well with any update. This might be the cause of many failed updates from 1.2.5 and on up. Thank you again kind Sir, for all the help. Robert B Briones :)
  4. No get the "dos" windows then nothing. Windows 8 64 bit 12 gig ram asus i7 2.80 ghz nvidia gts 400 series with 2 gig ram
  5. Also can you advise me of how to see posts that I have made in the past?
  6. Yes sir I did. Started there first. Last time I had this problem, was with the 1.2.6 update., And it worked fine, but now not so much.
  7. Hello gents, I have come back made the mistake of clicking on dcs icon which I changed to dcs updater repair instead of launcher.exe now cant get it working. Oh yeah I did update to newest update. Any suggestions? I have looked at other posts but not having any luck. Sorry if I am posting wrong.:book:
  8. Thanks gentlemen, from a post found on one of the threads, "repair" worked great all up and working.
  9. Sir I have dcs world installed tried to install the 1.2.6 update but when the update is finished with out problems, I try to run dcs and nothing happens. I tried from launcher.exe and the same thing. Is it possible to run the update (1.2.6) then install the Mi-8 then revert back to 1.2.5?
  10. Hello gents, I just purchased the new Mi-8 but when I try to install it says needs 1.2.6 but I can't get that update to work. Get nothing after update installs clean. DCS won't initialize. Tried running straight from launcher, same thing happens. I am sorry if there is a post somewhere on this forum I just can't seem to find it. Any help??:cry:
  11. Thank you very much, worked like a charm.Semper Fi!
  12. How can you check to see how many activations are left for modules. I have to re-install windows 8, got a bug that trashed the hard drive. Any pilots:joystick: out there know how to check the amount?
  13. Thank you kind sir. I am sorry for being ignorant. It seems in searching I am having trouble inputting the correct "key" words for a proper search.
  14. I was wondering if there was a HD pack for the A-10C? I have the HD packs for the KA-50 and it just blows my mind when flying it. Just asking if anyone has heard of the same for the Hog.:thumbup:
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