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  1. Well, poop. That's a bummer to hear. Seems like someone would be able to make a tight fitting glove with a sensor on each finger tip would probably work well.
  2. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've posted up here. Just got an Oculus last week and started playing around with it and I am absolutely in love with this thing. Still working on the graphics settings to get the best image I can. So the reason why I'm posting is because I got to thinking about the whole "Oculus Touch" conundrum. I started googling for something like a touch glove like device and I found this https://developer.leapmotion.com/vr-setup/oculusrift/ Judging from the tech demo videos it seems like this thing could be the missing link for flight simmers. Can you imagine not having to mess with a keyboard ever again... amazing to think it could be a real thing. Any thoughts on this or has anyone seen a working version of this?
  3. Yea, I'm a much happier pilot since I just dropped FF from my things to try and get working correctly. I am still using my G940 but when it finally goes I wont be getting another FF stick. Unless of course I get some sound proof they are working to resolve the inconsistency in the modules.
  4. I've been seeing that here and there recently. So obviously it's cool but is it comfortable up to 2 hours?
  5. Wow... no one? So if no one has used the Purple cushion what do you guys use? I personally have been sitting on a soft Serta pillow. Work pretty well but still tends to get achy after about 2 hours.
  6. Anyone have any experience with the Purple seat cushion? On those long flights that tingle in your butt cheeks tends to get a bit overbearing. Wondering if this was a viable solution. https://onpurple.com/seatcushions
  7. Yep mine too. 3 monitor setup. Mouse moves to the left monitor everytime I use the mouse to click something.
  8. In the latest update in a turn the boom never moves at all. It's broken.
  9. As of last patch the boom does not work when the aircraft is in any kind of a bank now. No matter how small. When the plane levels out the boom works. I've done refueling in the F-15 and the A-10 to confirm.
  10. I set my stick hack back to defaults in registry. Did the update today and TRIM IS WORKING PROPERLY!!! It's so much better than the stick hack. Thanks for the work on this.
  11. This is still broken after the last update for G940. I deleted all my devices, software and registry keys for the change that I made to get trim to actually work. So on a clean install of my G940 with the recent update it is still not working. Virtual hat switch in cockpit moves but I get no physical trim in game. So now I'm back to using the hack again.
  12. GREAT!!!! That worked dude. Thank you. Oh and you profile pic is sweet. I love GOOOOOLLLLDDD!!!!
  13. Cool... I'm gonna try that right now and see if it works. Thanks for the insight.
  14. I'm so glad I decided to take a look in this thread. I had been posting in the F-5 thread that the trim was not working. So... turns out it's a much broader issue. I have the G940 alone. No extra peripherals. I have also tested FFB on and off. I stopped using FFB with my G940 because no one can seem to get all the aircraft to work correctly with it so I just got tired of turning it on and off. But now obviously no trim sucks. Well I'm glad to hear that the devs are aware of it and working on the fix. I had just cleared my controls to default before this trying to figure it out. Looks like at this point I'll be downgrading back so I can actually fly. I'm totally willing to help test to get this issue fixed if needed. Just shoot me a PM if your looking for someone to test the FFB stuff. I have tested the F-15, Su-33, Su-27, A-10C and the F-5. None of those have working trim. Good luck and hope to see a fix soon.
  15. I just posted this in this thread when I saw this bug thread. Just dropping this here to make sure it gets seen. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=170965&page=2 ======================= So... I found this thread and it really sounded like it might have been my issue but after doing some testing I can confirm this is not the same issue. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=171239 I tried mapping all my controls in the "F-5 Game controls" as well as the "F-5 Sim Controls" and went into options and turned game mode on first. It was already set to off and so was game flight mode. But just for kicks I tested it both ways. Trimmer never effects the aircraft at all. I tried turning off the synchronize HOTAS controls also but that didn't work either. Just as I was about to give up on this I decided to test this with FFB turned back on. When FFB is on the stick moves like it should to adjust for trim. Well... at least the nose up and down work correctly. The left and right trim are reversed so when you apply right trim you roll left and the opposite is true. HOTAS is Logitech G940 using Logitech Profiler software.
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