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  1. The F-4G is the only air force variant I'd like to see. The N and S are the most interesting models available, followed by the K and the Greek AUP and Turkish Terminator.
  2. You can trace back the lineage of using A- aircraft for CAP. During Vietnam, Marine A-4s even flew CAP for Dixie Station off the Yorktown.
  3. Just confirming: we mean the throttle parking brake, right?
  4. Hoping for a Greek or Gulf States 2-seat version as soon as possible. Will try the mod when it is updated to include other skins. Neat work, though.
  5. Hello, I've basically learned how to start her up and get her into combat. But, sometimes I screw up on the startup and I want to reset everything so I can have another try. Also, how do you shut her down for repair?
  6. Never understand when people get so upset and don't see the forest for the trees. Whether he got released from custody in 2013 or 2021 doesn't make him not a felon.
  7. Mm, that's not how defamation works so no, it's not defamation to say a career criminal should not have his callsign honored. He used that callsign to campaign for his political office, which is where he committed the crimes. Alright, alright nobody's picking on you. I didn't say you took the position that the callsign should be "Duke" so we can all cool it now.
  8. MALS-13 in Yuma, myself... I level but entirely connected to the bird. Curled into many an intake for a blend, lol. Always gonna be connected to this bird myself.
  9. Hold up, before getting too high up on your horse... Cunningham is a career criminal, so no I would not like to see the "Duke" callsign used for a pilot or RIO in an F-4 module. Randall Cunningham was convicted for conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion in 2006. He was freed completely by way of presidential pardon. Nobody should be confused about what the pardon does or does not do: it does not make Randall Cunningham innocent, he's guilty as sin.
  10. That still has too much to do with sheer numbers, in terms of those measures. The Air Force probably had more kills out of numbers alone, whereas the Navy had an actual fighting training program that produced a higher k:d ratio in the Vietnam-era timeframe you keep referencing. Even well into Vietnam, the Air Force did not appreciably prioritize fighter training, out of fear of training accidents affecting the SAC budget. Air crew is a sheer numbers issue as well, and it's hard to determine whether the Air Force had more -E crews than the Marine and Navy term had of -J crews, especially since deployment rotations were measured completely differently. So, if you are talking about earlier service records then this should be the most persuasive reason to prioritize the Navy and Marines' variant, which is how the Phantom was conceived. These branches introduced the Phantom into service much earlier and introduced the type into active service in much high numbers, much earlier than the Air Force in Vietnam. And, the issues with the -E have already covered in depth, so other than the diminished a-a radar performance, probable fuel trade offs and enormous doctrinal differences unique to the -E versus the -J, then I don't want to beat a dead horse.
  11. I would go for a flyable F-4G Weasel in an instant!
  12. It's cool... I am not of the opinion that raw production numbers should be the sole determinant factor, especially when F-4Es came in more flavors than there were 'official variants' of the F-4. It looks like they clipped away the Phantom's best features and made the appeasement choice. I guess you could always use this -E variant to fly for Egypt, Israel or Iran to make it more interesting. However, I will be abstaining from this round. In a few years, maybe there will be a proper tailhook variant.
  13. I used that comparison, because I don't think the PBJs were obscure or rare. They were in use by some 16 squadrons, all meant for one theater during WWII. In all honesty, there were probably more local variations on F-4E models than there were of PBJ models.
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