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  1. Hey Starway! Thanks a lot for textures! I like them a lot, though I think trees in Summer/Spring are just a tad too dark. City base textures are a little wierd in some cases... Otherwise, I'm loving the change! :joystick:
  2. Thanks Seraphim for the initiative! I think it's a good one. Why? I get the feeling many DCS pilots are part of smaller groups/squadrons which, by default, lack resources (pilots and mission designers) to organise quality real-war-like theatre story-packed events (or whatever you want to call them, you get the point). Organising events like that can make community closer, happier, and produce more capable pilots which can then participate in even bigger events or be inspired to create mission scenarios themselves. So, I welcome this initiative with hands spread!
  3. I'll stick to the axis side. 'Ve don't 'vant those kapitalist schweine to destroy our bridges, ja! :lol:
  4. Considering it's a frikkin Tomcat, you'll be forgiven... Hell yeah take my money! :D
  5. *NOB*Aries *NOB*Wepar *NOB*SexyRexy *NOB*Adi A-10C (all four) Croatia
  6. Just cat-back is enough for the exquisite sound bro.
  7. Apparently not yet, I'm told they've put it to the update roster, but unfortunately I don't know when exactly it will be released :/
  8. I tried to contact one of the admins but got no answer, so i'm posting here. My nickname is one-word and it "breaks" the default table width on forums. Can I please have my nick changet to just "Wepar". Other issue is the sig which doesn't seem to be successfully displayed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help. :thumbup:
  9. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! :thumbup: :pilotfly:
  10. Tomket i Bis-ovi su nad Rabom! ;) Tomcat and Bis-es are above Rab island indeed! ;)
  11. And thanks to LNS, your dream will come true! Also with similar CRO skin as that one... :thumbup:
  12. Thank you ;) ! Always nice to have RL related advice, makes the experience better. Hvala Kobac! :thumbup:
  13. Enjoy guys! To the lucky owners of MiG-21Bis module, this one is going to be in your mission editor soon!
  14. Enjoy guys! To the lucky owners of MiG-21Bis module, this one is going to be in your mission editor soon!
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