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  1. I am having the same problems. Also I had to re-enter my keys and those that do not use keys (F-15, Su27) are denied me even though I have FC3. My clock and region are correct for me here in the UK but it has happened the day the clocks went forward. Authorisation is only valid for 3days. Is there a bug in DCS now?
  2. Its very sad that the update process insists on using the _downloads folder under the main game installation folder. It would be helpful of we were able to choose another destination for update downloads. I have had to move my entire DCS installation to another drive just so that I could update it. Poor show ED.
  3. This doesn't work anymore. The installer specifically looks for CoreMods fole under your manin game folder.
  4. I'm part of a team building a replica MkIX Spitfire simulator. One concern is that the propeller does not show in the Alt+F2 view so, when sitting in the cockpit, there will be no propeller visible. Is there a way to resolve this? Also the cockpit currently stops at frame 5 and the choice is to extend it physically or, if possible, include the forward cowling with the propeller on the screen. Again is that possible? Any thoughts?
  5. I just bought the channel map and am deeply disappointed. I'm not sure what it offfers in a combat simulation and how the airfields were chosen - or not chosen - is a mystery to me. High Halden?! Opened in 1944 for D-Day, closed by October. Where is Biggin? Where is the western part of 11 Group across to Southampton? I know some will say that's the Normandy map and we were grateful for the extension to Southern England even on it's primitive state and a handful of make-do airfields. I thought the channel map would resolve all of that and point more towards the BoB than D-Day. Is further development planned?
  6. fbfan64, did you complete the project? I am part of a team looking at building a cockpit for a museum and your information is extremely helpful.
  7. A liitle late (just bought the campaign) and a little OT but... "To make this easier we added the NAV Point information to the F10 Menu (F2)" How do you do that? I can't find how in the ME and would appreciate advice on this really useful item for my own little missions..
  8. I know this is an old thread and perhaps there are others out there I haven't found but what I would like is to have snapviews that give me a better view of the consoles because as doright says they are right back there and it's almost impossible to reach some within the VR view no matter how much I turn. Unlike RL where you can feel for them we can't in VR. The best we could do is build some switch panels to feel for (I already have a couple!), all for the sake of an adjustable view. This has nothing to do with external cockpit views and the 'swivel' arguments. Edit: the best I have been able to do is set forward/back, left/right, up/down to reposition my head, e.g. F-16:
  9. I know this is an old thread but someone might come looking. I had a problem with my TM F-18 grip on the virpil base. Long story short (it was a long story) I kept experiencing freezes but only on line which led me down all kinds of tracks including VR settings and then finally I discovered my trigger was intermittent. I know this sounds stupid but it had loosened very slightly on the base and shifted slightly. I believe it was generating noise which perhaps messed with the ping or something. Its easy with hindsight but when it didn't freeze on mission start it sometime did as I rolled over to make a kill (ruddy frustrating!). When I re-aligned it and really tightened it down all the problems went away so if you get problems like this the message is check that stick mounting.
  10. The envelope is always being pushed and most current hi-spec games/sims cannot be run at all out max settings and very high frame rates. Like me you probably have one of the highest spec PCs in our community but that still doesn't deliver extreme fps in hi spec VR. I notice you have the reverb, whilst Talisman and I have the hi-res Pimax at around double the pixels of the reverb. That's not a denigrating of your system just an observation but you see we are also pushing the envelope. Adding pointless objects just makes it all the harder. The old FSX and current P3D grahics settings allow the selection of object 'level', most people select Normal. If the DCS objects had a similar classification then perhaps some generally pointless terrain objects like old cars and piles of dust could be on a top-level and excluded by selecting a lower level. At the moment IIRC we only have distance as a selection. Of course ED are not going to change their graphics system but it's an example of how the player experience could be enhanced for those players (most?) who are not running the latest hi-spec machines but want to move forward in areas like hi res multi-screen or VR. Perhaps the mapmakers have some kind of methodolgy like that or perhaps it's not so complicated to simply exclude such objects from a version of the map. For me and people like Talisman the off-line experience is sterile compared with flying with and against other real players. I might just as well buy a console game. You spend your time walking through the French countryside? Well, that''s really of no interest to me and I certanly wouldn't be inspired by old Renaults, hand carts and piles of dust. That is more for those world-building games. Ground war and tanks? OK that's a dimension we used to have in other sims but again those pointless objects are just a drain on the systems.
  11. I agree with Talisman. We have the same interests. I won't buy the map until it is in better shape. Normandy has improved and I expect the Channel map will too but there is little point in buying it if is to remain in the doldrums as far as the online community is concerned. I haven't done an object analysis of the Normandy map for some time but when I did I couldn't see the point of the hundreds of old vehicles, carts, piles of dust (!) etc which were bound to be dragging down the fame rates. If the same has been repeated in the Channel map I think someone has lost their way. This is a combat flight sim and already the system requirements are so challenging that it is impossible to create a decent size online mission. To burden it further with unnecesary land objects, tanks etc is pointless in a combat flight sim. It is one of those moments in time when the direction of the sim has to choose a fork in the road. Is it to be a flight sim or a war sim? They are very different animals and one will not be supported well by an online community that is hungry for larger scale flight combat missions. I expect it is driven by the apparent user base which suggests a larger off-line community than on-line. If that is the target audience then perhaps we cannot expect any improvements for on-line play that detract from the 'War Thunder' direction it is currently taking.
  12. Slartibartfast If you are going to spend out on three new monitors you might want to consider VR instead. Three monitors in Surround, as one viewport, will give you stretched views as it moves further left and right which I really didn't like. I have four 27" monitors, three as left/forward/right viewports plus one below for instruments but those four viewports and even three viewports are very demanding on your GPU, almost as much as VR (which is effectively two views to be generated). Note that I am using four separate viewports. If you are going to use one viewport in surround you are still hitting 3 times the monitor pixel count but it won't be as demanding as separate viewports. Your GPU will be very important. Anyway, my side monitors are angled forward about 40 degrees from the middle monitor. I sit 70cm from the middle monitor which is close enough for the side viewports not to look as if my wings are poking forward. In the jets you won't notice anyway but in a straight wing aircraft like the spitfire you will if you pull back from the monitors but generally you won't notice it much. The '3 screens' or '3Cameras' are intended to be used with monitors at right angles to eachother but that calls for very large screens which you can literally sit between, or projectors and screens. Angled screens work quite well as explained. So you pays yer money and you takes yer choice. For multiple monitors, viewDx and viewDy are horizontal and vertical view angles. viewDx = 0 is looking straight ahead. viewDx = -1 is the view left out of the cockpit (the left hand monitor). viewDx = 1 is the view looking right out of the cockpit (the right hand monitor). viewDy is the vertical (up/down) angle and viewDy = 0 is looking level ahead. You could play with, say, -0.8 through 1.2 to get the view ahead that you like best but remember it applies to all aircraft, you are better off using viewDy = 0 and setting each aircraft view in your C:/Saved Games/..../Snapviews.lua which is what happens when you set a view in the cockpit then hit RAlt + KP0. If like me you had a fourth view for instruments ('Bottom' viewport) you'd use something like viewDy = -1 to look down at the instruments or whatever value gives you the instrument view you like best. Hope that helps.
  13. I agree, that's the last thing you want to be faffing with in the groove. Just give us a key/button press.
  14. I have submitted my last crash log but see attached. It crashed twice, both times when I turned TACAN ON and before I could use CLR button dcs.log-20200306-215424.zip
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