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  1. Si, quello era chiaro, mi riferivo alla nota che ho quotato, che parla di miglioramenti al BFM per la prossima.
  2. Dal change-log della OB appena rilasciata ( ) l'IA iniziera' finlmente ad essere soggetta alle leggi della fisica come i player umani?
  3. Do we have a list of missing features somewhere?
  4. All went fine till I've lined up with the active runway and doing the final check-list from Biff. Suddenly his plane crashed on my plane's back (I thin he was trying to take off). I've puched out just before it was too late and sat on the runway floor watching the fireworks... How sad.
  5. Coma manca a questo modulo per uscire dall'EA? E soprattutto perche' per la comunita' e' "morto"? Per un qualsiasi altro modulo si trovano campagne a bizzeffe, mentre per il Jeff ce ne sono solo 3?
  6. Thank you! Yep, I understand you point. Maybe that campaign will be finished in a better times.
  7. I forgot: I read somewhere about a 3rd campaing for the Jeff form you... Is this true?
  8. In end I gave up and "fixed" problem with a couple of GBU-16. Yesterday evening I'be finished the campaign and now I'm about to began Desert Thunder. @JonathanRL Your Operation Balck Bear is really well designed and fun to play. May I suggest to add a PDF with all missions briefings inside? Some people do find more practical to read mission instructions from a separate document and keep them at hand on an tablet or a secondary monitor. Sain that, I have high expexctations from Desert Thunder!
  9. That might be interesting: Mb-339 as basic tranier, T-45 as naval trainer. I think I will buy it...
  10. I did a little experiment: I've edited mission 9 in order to start airborne over WP2, inbound to WP3, to test the problem quickly: I did multiple tests at various altitude but I was alway able to hit the target in PP mode, exaclty like when testing on the NTTR. Now the obvious difference is that in normal mission I had to manually startup the plane and fly to the target... I'm wandering if the problem might be related to some INS drifting issue or incorrect wepon alignment.
  11. There is something quite strange here: As I anticipated in my previous post, this evening tried to practice the LS-6 usage on the NTTR with a custom mission. I tried both PP and TOO in a total of 15 launches getting a 100% hit score. The main difference with the campaing mission was that I used to shot at 20K ft altitude (baro). Now, after dinner I tried again the campaing mission and... missed again (WTF!) in the same way as before: both my LS-6 gone long. I've followed the procedure as per tutorial/Chuck's Guide and firing PP mode (weather does not allow to use TGP and TOO mode) from 20k ft but no joy...
  12. Actually I don't think my problem is a bug in the campaing: I saw similar issues using JDAMs o JSOWs, which usually are due to wrong target point altitude, but I checked the mission in the editor and (surprise!), user-points altitude is not editable: per default they use the position elevation, which obviously make sense. So, either I messed up something in weapon configuration or might be a bug in LS-6... Heck no! I'm playing this campaign to practice with the Jeff and now I'm curious to understand what went wrong. I've already created a simple training mission in the NTTR and this evening I will practice with the LS-6 untill I'have sorted out the problem. Plan B might be to change the weapon payload with LGB-s and try my luck with the SAM, but no way I'll leave those nuke to soviets ok!
  13. I had a problem with mission 9: I launched both the LS-6 in PP mode on PP1 pont (channel 36), leaving all other parameters (except fuzing) to default but both weapons "gone long" and missed the targert... What went wrong?
  14. @JonathanRL I confirm that the SA-3 now locks the player and hence can be engaged with LD-10 is ACT or SP modes. Thank you! However, I found (and fixed) another problem: Eager to play mission 7 tomorrow
  15. Thanks! Actually, your Desert Thunder is the next on my play list.
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