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  1. Hurray for hawk! Is it midnight? Not here.
  2. ericoh


    I have to agree to this, it was a kinda "fun" movie. But hell... :doh: You know a bad script when the movie relys on mindless "enemies".
  3. This is just as unrealistic as pretty much all defense companys comercial videos. :D
  4. Your data is as safe as everywhere else. If someone hacks it, it might be gone. Thats how the whole internet thing works. Now we all know what you are aiming for here... As in most countrys if you get into a despute with the government there might be special laws that lets em exit your data. (Refer to country laws)
  5. Speed 600m/s, Mach 1.8 According to wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9K121_Vikhr
  6. It can be, but you need to go to like afterburner power in order to detach it. I doubt thats intended?
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