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  1. Well, I'm a programmer and I know what I'm talking about. As I said, the code is done for Hornet GBU's and GPS's bombs...not so difficult to add a GBU-54. It's all about some time coding and it's done. But as I said, they will no implement because it's not in the roadmap since the beginning. So they'll follow the roadmap and as soon as finished, it's done. Hornet is a ED module. It's not like Razban modules or other 3rd parties that the customers buy and ask for improvements and they get it. Cheers
  2. The big problem is that ED don't want to make it. They are a business company that need money to survive. Their project started with a roadmap that they'll not change to satisfy some clients. They need to go forward with other projects to keep paying the bills. I hope be wrong and they, some time in the future, do something like GBU-54s. Everyone know that it's a simple code thing to do like they did with the A-10C II. But it'll not happen unfortunately. Lets hope for future 3rd devs bring us some Super Hornet dream! Best regards.
  3. VF-32 from CVW-3 in a training flight over NTTR. Join us on cvw-3.com
  4. VFA-83 with applications open! The virtual Strike Fighter Squadron 83, VFA-83 Rampagers was created in 2018 by a group of Brazilian friends with the goal of be a squadron for virtual pilots that looks for a place with a high level of realism and with a training program that is as close to the real as possible. Our training program rigorously follows the instruction plan for the F/A-18C Hornet, taking the pilot to the extreme in utilizing his ability, teaching the art of combat, lethality and mutual support. Training progression is a building block approach beginning with "Core Skills," emphasizing skills such as aerobatics, BFM, all-weather intercept, basic surface attack, low altitude tactics and night systems. Next comes "Mission Skills" where you will learn more in depth subjects such as CAS, SEAD, active air defense, and interdiction. This will build upon the skills learned during the core phase. Finally pilots complete their training during "Core Plus" phase where mission skills are honed in more complex sorties combining both air to air and air to ground picture. Pilots will qualify during this phase as naval aviators completing FLCP and CQ. Pilots are encouraged to continue training, maintain their flight currencies, and pursue instructor and combat leadership skills. + Speak English - We are a international group but all materials and procedures are in English. + Know how to fly the F/A-18C Hornet and have full knowledge of its systems. + Be able to participate at least twice a week in training as a cadet and completed within 90 days. + Have the Caucasian and Persian Golf maps, as well as SuperCarrier. + Have joystick/HOTAS, Track IR and system capable of running DCS World. + Our scheduled training flight is Tuesday nights between 22:00 UTC and 01:00 UTC and our Squadron Combat Missions at Thursday or Saturday between 22:00 to 01:00 UTC! Website: http://www.vfa-83.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ARaXHECv3k
  5. Same here....And in LSO station it is on all the time...even my mouse don't hide like before this update.
  6. Thank you all from Eagle Dynamics!!! You guys did an amazing outstanding job with the 2.7 update!!! I felt that I was ready to lose FPS and had to stay in 2.6 version...but WOW! The job done in this update make me cry because better than all, I got 5-10FPS in almost all situations that I flew before. Well done everyone! Look forward when vulkan comes to DCS and get even better! Sorry the words but what a F... UPDATE! Thank you all! Best regards, Gabriel Borba
  7. Did you tried to lock something? because if you don't the FLIR will be looking above the ground and should not display anything. Here I had the same before lock something.
  8. Administrative meeting with the member to let him know, again, that this is not the standard squadron procedures. If there is still bad faith in the member, we can consider removing him from the pilot board. Our squad is built on camaraderie, friendship and trust. Until today we have never had these types of problems and also our systems are well developed to avoid such types of problems. Come and join us in the discord and answer your questions. Our CO @Redshift- can show you everything!
  9. Hey Boys! Check VFA-83 Rampagers! We are -3 to -6 UTC time and could work to you! check our website VFA-83 Rampagers Hope it work to you start something big to become a hornet lethal pilot!
  10. Sure! Any updates should be really nice to the community!
  11. +1 Even without VR is hard to see these guys in the deck. Hope soon they improve that in SC.
  12. It's a quite simple to ED. The best option would be ED implement mission editor to allow us activate or deactivate a CAT with triggers. It could allow us a lot of options for mission editors. Hope see this soon!
  13. Hello everyone! Any news from ED about something related from Super Carrier?? Last time I read something was that they were working hard, but no more update or info. Hope we can get any news or status. The hornet moved fast from the begin of the year...the Super Carrier seems to be on hold even from the news. Best regards
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