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  1. MPalmer

    A-29 Super Tucano

    No idea...possibly a feature not implemented yet.
  2. MPalmer

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I'll let the dev's answer this... according to my setup...FOV is a multi zoom (press several times) looking at the FLIR page top you'll see (Wide, 2xWide, Med, 2xMed, Nrw, 2xNrw) IPHH (not sure) but once pressed its a heading hold for the FLIR camera Top page (HHOLD, INRPT) Track/Break...is like Lock and Unlock point on a single button
  3. I have a few suggestions... remove any other mods being used, and try it again...if no change, try re-downloading the Mod and do a repair of DCS World...time consuming yes, but you might be missing a file or one of them is corrupt, or anti-virus program quarantined them. if you do not see them in SMS page, then you will not be able to fire them...they work like the JF-17 for powering on, and firing
  4. MPalmer

    A-29 Super Tucano

    need to map all the FLIR bindings ...FLIR Power On (key Bind), wait 10-25 Seconds, MFCD page to FLIR
  5. nullAug 03: tried to post in the original, but exceeded my size limit... soooooo.
  6. making small edits here and there...working on the wings right now, and hoping to get a better product once the Template is released!! Enjoy Update:Aug 02
  7. For every decal you have, you will also have to place the main texture as well.. in this example I'm using the nose wheel nubmers... -- No.115, of 342 Mira, 114 Pteriya {"miragef1_common_04_4_first_digit", DECAL , "miragef1-numeral",true}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_second_digit", DECAL , "miragef1-numeral",true}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_third_digit", DECAL , "miragef1-numeral",true}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_first_digit", 0 , "miragef1-common_4",false}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_second_digit", 0 , "miragef1-common_4",false}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_third_digit", 0 , "miragef1-common_4",false}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_first_digit",ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "miragef1-common_4_RoughMet",true}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_second_digit",ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "miragef1-common_4_RoughMet",true}; {"miragef1_common_04_4_third_digit",ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "miragef1-common_4_RoughMet",true}; so for every digit (and I mean everyone that is the lua), you need the main texture...yes PITA
  8. F:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Mirage-F1\Input\Common\joystick\default.lua (You'll need an editor to open...suggest Notepad++) 000% - OFF 050% - LANDING 100% - TAKEOFF As seen Here... { down = devCmds.Cmd120, up = devCmds.Cmd120, cockpit_device_id = devices.MAIN, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.5, name = _('Slat/Flap lever - TAKEOFF/LANDING'), category = { _('Left console'), _('High-lift devices') } }, { down = devCmds.Cmd120, up = devCmds.Cmd120, cockpit_device_id = devices.MAIN, value_down = 0.0, -- value_down = -1.0, value_up = 0.5, name = _('Slat/Flap lever - LANDING/OFF'), category = { _('Left console'), _('High-lift devices') } },
  9. Thank you! @Helles Belle
  10. I am loving the format...it meets the 3 click max rule to get to the information... I'd make a suggestion to move "DCS World Topics" into "DCS World Tutorial & Training Range"...then rename it "User Created Content" Since all of the info in both are by users for users...
  11. No Template from the team has been released. Once they are satisfied with the Model, they plan to release it.
  12. in the saved games, create the missing folders...also run a repair and do the slow version (be sure to set aside at least 30-45 minutes of non-DCS play time) that will get rid of the files... they are saved in a "_backup00x" folder (Main DCS Folder), so you can review and move them out of the DCS main folder into either saved games or delete them
  13. MPalmer


    I'm a gimp user...can the "*.psb"'s be converted to standard PSD files plz
  14. There is no set schedule on patches. And the patch status...though it was a useful tool in the past, it was more of an argument point when BN/NL posted them and (we) the community complained about it if it wasn't available. Now it's more of a status update on the same day as release...which means you read it as you are downloading the patch. In fairness, the features we are getting, are rather complex to code...or they are now adding them to the core system...so some waiting is going to happen... Just think of the excitement you can get by opening DCS world, and you get the message..."Do wish to update DCS WORLD?"!
  15. Old school Wild Weasels!!!...please...please...please...please
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