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  1. Hellfires are manual, laser tracked at this point, so when you fire, you need to lead the target a bit, then keep the missile on the vehicles nose till about 4 seconds to go on Direct, or 6 seconds on fly down, then center the laser as normal and you will hit 99% of the time.
  2. Daytime heat is over modeled/nit modeled correctly/best they can do. Having been around apache and having sat in, and rode on Teo man side lift evac drills with joint ops with the 75th, the Flir is much, much better than I think DCS can represent. You can ID weapon types and watch makes at 5km with the real deal. Seems the Gain button controls most if what you need up/down depending on time if day. Except night. Nights not too bad.
  3. My biggest complain is distance washout, where it looks like your just looking at black and white waves. Then you fumble playing with gain and level buttons, when suddenly AAA appears from nowhere and drops you like a rock.
  4. Thought so. DCS is just saying no way José, so just put it on my hotas throttle for now. Thanks buddy!
  5. Can someone tell me what the default hotas or keyboard button is to uncage the Aim 9x on the F18? Lost bindings somehow, and after buddy sent me their default I can't find it. Thought it just used to be keyboard C but tats not working now. Thanks!
  6. AMD might be out of business by the time we see Vulcan if it's normal DCS backburner time line.
  7. Hey how do you get to this view? Thanks!
  8. https://youtu.be/Bh_YEgODpxk
  9. Me and my buddy are actually doing a new "how to SLAM" in the AM. Flew about 30 missions today to work out bugs and kinks not only with missions, but the weapons themselves. When they work right, it looks like this:
  10. Hey Big, me and my buddy crashed today at the exact same moment in different flights. F18/PG map/Super Carrier. Whoever is first in pattern and activates comms, the second they flick case 2 or 3 immediately DCS has stopped responding /crashed pops up. We both let the info troubleshooter upload yo DCS. server-20210107-160322.zip
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