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  1. Thank you I will be in touch although I do not know how to PM you
  2. Thank you... I have no idea how to PM you.
  3. Thank you... I will look into that
  4. Chief not doing so good My husbands Brain cancer has progressed and he is no longer able to "fly" This breaks my heart because he loved this hobby so much. I do need to find someone who can use his equipment... he has a lot of it. I'd like to get something for it mostly I want it to go to someone who'd enjoy it nearly as much as he has. Chief 1942 is still hanging on ...Praising his Lord and loving his family. I know he misses you all and his flights.
  5. My husband has been an active member and supporter of DCS world for many years. He has now got a terminal brain tumor and is unable to operate his aircraft ...equipment. He has all the "stuff" …. trax seat, controls, pedals etc. In fact some things he has multiple generations because he liked to stay up with the latest and greatest. I must get rid of this and I have no idea where to begin. He truly loved this hobby and he would want all his "stuff" to be used not thrown away. I would like to get a little something for it but it is most important that it goes to someone who will enjoy the hobby. Any advice for the easiest solution would be appreciated. Oh I should add we are located in central Arizona.
  6. Still trying. No luck I have still NOT been able to get the A-4C-E from showing in the DCS/openbeta, It shows in the "beta" except in the actual module except it is shown as in the main module. I read your response to someone else having the problem, and I noticed that you said their must be a "bin" file in the A-4C-E . I have an "bin" file is every one of my modules but NOT one in the A-4C-E, How do I get one that perhaps is keeping me from actually flying it inside the openbeta. Thanks. I have had several tell me how to load the plane and it shows everywhere in the game BUT the flight of the plane itself.
  7. Could someone tell me why I can't get this A-4E-C to show in my "beta". I followed each direction and have the picture there, unfortunately I cannot find it in "the modules" When I try certain to find that module, I get a message that the " Files Do Not Exist" from the "Users" with my name in C:users. Just can't figure out why I can't get the A-4C-E. Any direction for me the idiot currently, I would appreciate that. Been waiting for that A-4 C-E that I served for 4 years year's ago.
  8. Bun, Thank you and so many that wish me the best. Might seem odd, but I do spend most of my computer time right here on this DCS forum more than anywhere else. At least here, there are people who are as aware as I am as to just how much enjoyable it is.
  9. Thanks everyone. Totally new situation for me, but must say, even though going to the treatment for the problem, I STILL enjoy flying DCS because that has been very great for me for many years.
  10. Wags, I simply want to make sure how surprised ,even with ALL the enjoyment DCS has provided me with the enjoyment over the years. that this business you are so much part of, is actually beneficial and helpful with my current problem. I never thought I would experience the brain cancer, but as they treat me for it, what I have enjoyed from you folks for years is helpful as well with my situation.Thank you
  11. Outlawal2, Thanks, and you are right, just staying involved with these types of programs (DCS) are actually a physical improvement even above ALL the enjoyment of simply making believe we have some of that true ability.
  12. Thank you Javelina1, fellow Arizona. This issue has been to my benefit to have access to a great medical that deals specific with this illness. But, as I stated, I am very pleased as the level of DCS and the proof that actually be an asset to my recover for my problem. Simply watching the Indernet about what is going on in this world today, is NOT going to help.
  13. About a week ago I got an examine due to some speaking process in my life. The issue wasn't having most of my capable of flying DCS and even the F-18C and almost all of the new stuff. I am not any thing but a single flyer so I don't get challenged with the abilities of you young flyers. Heck, studying the new stuff and doing okay. Well, it turns out my medical issue turns out to brain cancer directly affecting my speak brain speaking ability. Had surgery and have quite a bit of cancer treatment to get rid of the issue. I have just returned home after the surgery and am awaiting the several months treatment. I thought, what the heck, how the heck is this medical issue affecting my ability to fly the DCS aircraft that I have for years. Went to the P-51D, which I prefer older aircraft, and although there is some definite getting back into the proper procedure, I did okay. Was able to win the air to air battle against the German aircraft. There are some medical issues that need to be fixed to get me back to the prior capability, but DCS is a major for training for my new medical issue. At 76 years old, what a wonderful access for me to get through this. Thank you DCS.
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