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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww he will fit right in eeewww :D sorry i just had to.. Flip
  2. thats what you said to me too but you let me stand out in the rain - icecold :D dobee dobee doo Flip
  3. When i was in the 355th Paulie and I did a display on the first 2005 Show! And i did a single ship show on the saturday! It worked out Flip
  4. concerning another missile, i think the new stingers dont even have a warhead, they just slam into the aircraft (preferably helicopters!).. Flip
  5. The Max range usually incorporates a head on situation. The Asraam for example is known for its high speed and "long range"..well...head on of course! In a Turning fight i wouldnt want an asraam over an IRIS-T or Python 4/5. Flip
  6. wow fantastic idea! Now everyone needs good rigs and good reliable highspeed internet connections! Flip
  7. hey wolverine, you got me with an R-73 tho! Flip
  8. I would have too! Thats why i was so surprised but i wouldnt let them have me or my buddy! They were part of this spanish squadron, go ask them :D Flip
  9. i love the sidewinder... i was flying with a buddy of mine in the jabog server about a year ago or something and we were minding our own business, stating that we will not fire unless fired upon. we were only armed with 4 sidewinders each. during our formation flight we were jumped by two MiG-29S. They did not employ their R-77s but they were coming at us aggressively, looking for a heater or guns kill. We split put one in a sandwich, got one with guns (as i didnt want my sidewinder to go off track and hit my buddy) and the other guy got shot down with a sidewinder by my buddy while on the run out! :D Loved that flight! A Dream! Flip
  10. Ive been shot down by a Tango Frog once..i was in an F-15..i think it was 504th Wolverine that did it! Bastard!! :D Flip
  11. you know what guys? Im looking forward to that one day when im in the server with u hogdrivers and you cry out like babies :" fliiip, where are you with your F-15!!! We need OCA!!!" :D Flip
  12. Except the VX-9 Black Tomcat, these Tomcats (and also several dozens of F/A-18s, F-5s, A-4s and F-16s) have adopted these different paintjobs as their primary role is to represent adversary or enemy aircraft in an Air Combat Maneuvering Environment. Their Job: Train allied Fighterpilots, fly using adversary tactics. The Paintjobs are basically there to emphasize their role as in..well...Its gonna make it easier to believe that they are the real enemy. Some Paintjobs are definately leaned on the current and late russian paintjobs of the MiGs and SUs. This is just what i think this stuff is about... Flip
  13. any specific reason why you are posting F-14 paintjobs although he wants F/A-18 Hornet Schemes? Flip
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