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  1. It took his a year just to do one lol, give him some time:smilewink::director: That will probably never happen!:no:
  2. haha. you just reminded me of the song in Fighter Fling 1999 :D
  3. striker, question. do you fly with flap down in both reflection and callisto or calypso pass? because you cant really get a solid upside-down look cause the model cant really keep stable...it wants to dive like 3 degrees so you have the jet pointed up.
  4. So lets compare the MiG-29 to the F-14 than. Uh the mig is like double the maintanence time and cost of the tomcat, can only carry 6 weapons/1 tank or 4 weapons/3 tanks, and can only travel 300 miles and then land to refuel. there its finished.:megalol: theres nothing about a mig that makes it a great jet. Dont get me wrong, I like it and fly it on lomac some times but theres not much about it to make it interesting...just the little so called cobra menuver...
  5. im lying alright... i ordered that copy like 5 months ago! i saw the movie and got the free one AFTER i ordered it online. I worded that wrong and i editted one post but i guess it didnt save. I just stated i havent gotten the one that i ordered...i got the free one a few weeks ago. i might just give the one i bought to my cousin.
  6. guess what. saw it before anybody else has :D. VF-31 and VF-213(the squadrons featured in S&A) invited me to their private screening of it!!! and now i have had my movie copy for a number of weeks now:D :thumbup: Anyways, thx for posting the stuff. Great last video of the Naval Legend:smilewink:
  7. Disso what do you have against the TF-30 or F110-GE's?
  8. How many times do i seriously gotta tell you that you need:helpsmilie::helpsmilie:!!!!!!!!!!!:doh: Obviously somebody does not know much about engines and when something unknown gets blown into them it is a really big problem. Even with a crappy little bug or I mean MIG, the engine will still blow up if something entered/got stuck in it.
  9. My answer. The IRIAF loves their tomcats and the US Navy hates them. Thats why they are trying to smuggle the parts. Not true! for every flight hour its 20-25. The F/A-18E/F is 10-15 hours. I asked some of the guys of VF-31 and VF-213 at Oceana last year and they said they averaged about 5-10 hours per jet on their last cruise......beat that hornet!
  10. or just hit Windows Key+Home and your good :) and no need to hold the keys EscCtrl :P
  11. hehe. my first tomcat game was Tomcat Alley for Sega CD It was great for me being 6 years old :P
  12. Yup, gotta love the USAF Tomcats:) :megalol:
  13. There are still some people on hyperlobby that play USAF. Man like 4 years ago I always flew with a guy over in Israel on Gamespy and we kicked each others butts with the F-22 lol. Right now my cousin is using it for his computer but I want it back:). Oh yeah, if you guys ever want to fly it again, I can send you the update for it!
  14. Yes. he does know and we HAVE talked about it. now I would like for this whole convo to stop cause its got nothing to do with the advertising of a new video GA and I are going to be working on! All I wanted was to post the title page and have everybody just be like Oh i cant wait till its released and everything....instead I get crap about the new F-14 model and other stuff off topic.
  15. Ok, how about this. You all cut it out or we wont do any of this at all, including the release the new model if it gets on Gys's and my nerves any more. We are doing this for everybodys benefit on here just to have fun and enjoy the stuff we put out for others to use or watch. If this stuff continues, we will drop all of the stuff and forget about it! Yeah he doesnt feel like having this stuff go on either. If you want or would like something, be patient and wait till the projects are finished, until then be quiet and appriciate the work we are going to try and put into all of this!
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