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  1. I noticed this issue right after 2.5.6 arrived. It seems to be random also, most of the time it is ok, but sometimes whole cockpit lights and displays are over-bright like in your screenshots
  2. F-14 theme seems to work also, but the themes for most modules are gone
  3. I replaced my Saitek Rudder Pedals with Virpil ACE-1 rudder pedals about a month ago. And had the same emotions like the topic starter. I knew there would be an improvement in precision, but i never thought the difference would be THAT HUGE! Just after few minutes of flying (Huey, Bf-109, Fw-190D) i started to realize what a piece of garbage the Saitek rudders are.
  4. i had the same issue just 10 minutes ago. Windows bit defender moved DCS.exe into quarantine. I removed it from quarantine and now dcs starts again
  5. ok, now i know what you are talking about. Had the same problem too, but the document in this post helped me to map the 2-way and 3-way switches like i wanted. So take a look https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2862001&postcount=214
  6. You can map everything directly ingame, dont need TARGET software for this
  7. First of all, a HUGE thanks to the guys ho made this server and especially this mission. Makes a lot of fun to fly there. And i found out for miself that flying this racetracks is a good practice to learn more about the handling of the planes. So here is my 3rd attempt in F/A-18C wich finaly succeeded. My first attempt was a success too, but i got a penalty for missing one gate because of passing it at a bit too high altitude. and here is my failed attempt Nr.2 wich i had to abort. But the slalom after first gate looks cool would like to see your races, so feel free to post them here
  8. if you are talking about the same servers i was on, then you need to destroy/kill all units in the target area to capture it. At least it's how it's done on enemy airfields (did't tried capturing FARP's yet)
  9. just started the UN Pilot campaign and found out that most rivers ingame (size and shape) don't match how they look on the map (Kneeboard). I mean, i was flying the first mission where you transit from Tbilisi to Kutaisi and was looking on my kneeboard for reference. There were some places where the river got much wider with specific shape, but ingame it didn't, had the same width all the way. So it's not easy sometimes to find landmark reference when flying. Hope we get sometimes maps in quality of MSFS 2020 where you really can fly 100% VFR, wich i like a lot. But i also agree that gps would ruin that "old scool" feeling
  10. Survived a crash in my Bf-109 and found some time to chill and admire the beauty of snowy Caucasus mountains.
  11. just saw the same issue but with blades upwards. Also on Aerobatics caucasus server.
  12. Bei mir kam der fehler bis jetzt nur vor wenn ich die mission direkt aus dem missionseditor gestartet habe.
  13. Hab gestern die mod runtergeladen und wie in der Beschreibung stand in den DCS World OpenBeta hauptordner entpackt. Leider musste ich im Spiel festellen dass der Funk im Bf-109 und Fw-190 D-9 immer noch auf englisch ist, egal ob ich Deutschland oder Drittes Reich in der Koalition auswähle. kann es sein dass der Inhalt der .rar Datei (sprich - "Sounds" Ordner) mittlerweile nicht mehr in den Hauptordner von DCS gehört?
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