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  1. Another livery/skinning question. I've changed my pilot body, details, and the helmet shell. They look perfect from the external view and if I'm looking in one of the mirrors. But if I'm pilot looking forward at my CP/G, or if I'm CP/G looking back at my pilot, the textures are default. I'm wondering if there is a way to fix that. I've downloaded several other skins that have helmets or patches just to test it out, and they all do the same thing. I have also dug through the default textures, and exported a default description.lua from Model Viewer. I don't find anything in there that gives me any leads. I did find some lines in a description.lua file somewhere that looked to use different material names so I tried those to no avail. My guess, at the moment, is that there's just no way to define these right now and that's hardcoded or something of the sort. Either that or it's just a pain so nobody is bothering. It's not the end of the world since generally you won't be looking backwards at your pilot's face, but since I'm going to all the trouble I'd like to have it right. If anyone has any help that would be great. Thanks.
  2. There has been talk of GIMP supporting .psb and I found a plugin that was supposed to work, but for whatever reason it did not with these files. The link from the other forum that I pasted up above was for some converted .psd files that someone made. They just downsized them, which works fine for our purposes.
  3. I don't own the inside either. LOL. Anyway, thanks.
  4. Here is a link to some converted files from another thread. These are converted and will open in GIMP.
  5. Anyone know where these can be found? I'm either missing them or they aren't located in the CoreMods>aircraft>AH-64D>Textures>AH-64D.zip. The .zip has pilot files and external cockpit files but I'm not finding any internal ones. I've been searching Google and this forum for an hour or so and can't find any hints. Thanks!
  6. I've had many, many, many tracks that didn't play properly despite me not putting any new inputs into them, so just loading the track and watching it without flying or hitting any keys doesn't necessarily work. It's actually quite frequent that your plane will still plow into the ground. The following are things that I find to be quite broken almost all the time: Tomcat (every track I've ever played is extremely broken) Carrier landings (your plane will not be aligned with the carrier and will "land" in the ocean) A-10C II (any time you use the TGP it will wind up being miles away from where you actually set a SPI and that seems to confuse the sim and send your plane flying to the wrong locations, also any weapon you employed using the SPI are going to miss by miles) Dogfights seem to be about 50/50 (your plane will wind up following nothing or being in the wrong place so the enemy that you killed doesn't die and will eventually launch missiles that were never launched at you and you will die) These things aren't necessarily ALWAYS broken (except the Tomcat and A-10C TGP stuff) but they get quite frustrating. Anyway, my initial point is that just replaying the track doesn't necessarily result in a clean replay. At least all of this has been my experience, added to the pile. Thanks.
  7. About a month ago a started a contest with the upload of my DCS mini-movie. I finally got around to announcing the winner in case anyone was curious. Spoiler though, if you haven't gotten an e-mail from me yet you didn't win. Sorry!
  8. Here is the actual mini-movie. Contest link is in that description as well if you need it.
  9. Not sure where else to post this but I wanted to spread the word, and this looked like as good a place as any. This video is just the trailer for my video coming out next week, and an introduction to the give away which will go live when the other video does (midnight, central time, July 23, 2021). It runs till August 20th. Enjoy and good luck!
  10. I'm having frequent similar issues that don't seem to fully match anything I'm finding when I search through the forums. Basically, all sound in DCS except menu click sounds goes away randomly. I don't see anything that looks related in the dcs.log but I could be wrong. It seems to happen randomly. Sometimes I'm in the cockpit when it happens, sometimes I'm in one of several external views. The only common thread I can think of is that it may just be in replays. I don't think it has happened when I'm in an actual mission but I'm not certain. When it happens the sound disappears for everything in the replay. Tanks, planes, helicopters, the ocean, etc. Reloading the replay will sometimes bring it back but often I have to restart DCS. When this occurs, all other sound on my system works fine. I can still hear any other sounds from other apps through my headset, and like I said up above the menu clicks are still there in DCS. And just to be clear, every time this has happened so far the sound is working just fine then it just goes away mid replay, when it was there while playing the mission. I'm in Open Beta Using Corsair Void Elite wireless headset dcs.log
  11. Is there sound in the replays at all? Is it just that it's not the desired volume or is there an issue with how it's playing? I find it a constant juggling act to balance all my sounds. If I'm shooting cinematics I crank the volume, if I'm flying with someone I can't get my Discord volume loud enough so I have to drop in game volume down. Then if I switch to GTA or Red Dead the volume is ear shattering and I have to adjust it. I'm not sure if it's a volume thing you're dealing with but if so that may just have to be adjusted when you edit the final video.
  12. I have not found a way to do so. I put them all in the base game folders till I'm done editing then move them over to the Saved Games. It's a pain, especially since I've had issues in the past if I wound up with them in two locations.
  13. Anyone else having crashing issues trying to load missions with this? I've had it load once (my second attempt to load it), but every other time DCS crashes. Just checking.
  14. I've actually been working on this same skin...but I'm only about 25% done at this point and yours looks amazing! Good job and good luck!
  15. Okay I'm getting closer. I understand the channels and what they represent but all the guides I've watched or read so far don't explain how to utilize those properly in GIMP. I have to wait till I get power back to jump back into the Viper files and see if I can make sense of it. We had an ice storm go through and the power is slow to get restored.
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