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  1. Thank you for your answer Holbeach, I also found some 2016 discussions, including RaZbam team, stating that even without any visible impact on Runways after cluster strike, they were actually disabled for a limited time. This lack of visual effect is in fact quite old... Damage assesment is a bit more difficult this way.
  2. Hi All, I am currently working on additional weapons for some french airplane MOD... to roughly simulate the APACHE anti-runway cruise missile. I modified some cluster/bomblets dispended from a cruise missile or glide bomb (Like AGM-154B or GB-6). I limited their quantity and enhanced their explosive power in order to damage concrete sructures and runways. It works perfectly and the runway is localy disabled. But, as I use bomblets and clusters, I only get the "tiny" cluster effect in game : dust and light. How could I add some explosion effect and a remaining crater ? Thanks in advance.
  3. If you export the TEWS view (on another screen or in a corner of your main screen) there is no cut off on the exported one.
  4. Same for me !!! Thanks Dud' I think I tried everything written about this issue...
  5. Here is a way to reproduce it : 1- Start 8.000m and go into a -30° dive 2- Once you reach M1.3 to M1.4 ... pull on the stick It works 100% since M1.3 with full or medium payload It also works with a slick plane with only 1T fuel at M1.4 Note : as there is no G limiter on MiG-29, this behavior does not seem to be unlogical to me. MiG-29A wings away M1,4.trk
  6. +1 with all mentionned issues/requests. MiG-29 could be outsanding with those few improvements.
  7. :clap_2: Thank you te remind us the Old good time ! Note : At that time ... these were "Modern Air Combat" planes. :pilotfly:
  8. Any news on this long-time awaited function ? Waypoint number to be added to HUD in a future patch.
  9. Thanks so much ED !!! Caucasus now looks awesome with same/better performances than 1.5.8 I love To fly low with the P-51 in winter & morning conditions along the coast.
  10. MICA are broken from ... let's say 1.12.11 We had to rebuild one from scratch "using AIM-120C datas" to use it in a MOD.
  11. Scary !!! :fear: For those who don't speak french : the RIO wakes the pilot and inform him they are diving inverted, shouting (gently) to recover the dive...
  12. The answer is : there is no more altitude holding (only) autopilot.
  13. Correct but ... on Czar66's pictures, you can see that both Radar & EOS are active. On the HUD, you have several indications : - EORL written on the left of HUD => means EOS + Radar are active - ILL is written below the HUD => also means Radar is active If you swith off the Radar (by pressing I), you will only see : - EO written on the left of HUD => means EOS (only) is active - No more ILL below the HUD And then, the friendly Su-27 target will become a Foe - possible enemy aircraft. Important to understand : IFF is related to the Radar (true at least for russian fighters). When you scan for targets using your radar, you have the IFF interrogation on any visible contacts. If the locked target is friendly, it will respond to your IFF device and you will get the round symbol on MFD + the AFR written on HUD + no LA at range. If the locked target does not respond, it will be categorized as possible hostile (Triangle symbol on MFD + A instead of AFR written on HUD + LA at range). Important to know : the Vertical Scan mode (or any Close Air Combat mode) only uses EOS by default. So IFF is off until you switch on your radar. Note : If you switch from BVR mode with Radar On to VS mode, the radar will remain On. So, to be sure not to kill a friendly, pay attention to AFR & ILL symbol on the HUD. If you have ILL symbol and no AFR ... then you are 100% sure.
  14. If I remember well, thas was the case in the first Beta version of the new Su-27.
  15. Imperial as well. We (French) use to say this about the British :D That's because bits & Bytes sounds the same in french :smartass:
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