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  1. -----It's true. I found and got sick of it as a beginner. Then I never disengage the NWS during taking off or landing, all work well especially if your stick has a axis wheel brake like the VKB's.
  2. Or use the bigger VRAM video card, GTX1080TI, RTX2080TI.....
  3. The syria is the only maps consuming all my 11G VRAM, it might be the reason you are talking about.But I didn't feel obvious stutter. So the bigger VRAM, the smoother it is.
  4. MAC should be an expansion and an update of FC3.
  5. 开加速器,速度一般也只400K。直连尝试了好几个早上,大多次低于10K,只有一个早上突然飙到5M。诡异的更新服务器.....当初还是不该从steam转过来,现在转回steam要重新买模组,巨亏,只能忍了,半年更新一次算了....
  6. 晚上回去试试,我也是用了autoexec.cfg限60,GTX1080TI显卡,波斯图经常50fps,还以为这地图比较吃显卡......召唤Uboats大神来回答!
  7. Thanks for sharing, best tutorial indeed.
  8. The shimmering can't be removed unless you have a high resolution VR, such as 4K/eye. You may try the Pimax 8KX VR.
  9. ------He's lied. I have both Sumsung 860evo and 970evo, there is no obious difference on loading time, maybe 970evo is 1~2seconds faster. The obious advantage for a M2 NVME is its tight size and installment without extra cable in your case.
  10. Your hope is everyone's hope, but I am not optimistic about all the goals ED've set. Improving core needs manpower, but make no money. New module needs manpower, and have income. So ED gotta balance between them.
  11. -----You'r right.After all ED is not a big company, with limited manpower. So I constantly bouht some modules to support them, though some I might never touch seriously。
  12. Though new texture is good, I dislike the new narrower frame and hud, perfer the old one. How do I reverse it to the old one but keep the DCS world new build update? I cann't figure out why ED keep narrowing the HUD glass upon each update. Still missing the good feeling of seat position in a A10-A in FC2. You can still see the full info on HUD while sit back, beacause the hud is wider and larger.
  13. zhukov032186 gave the link the SU-25T but not SU-25A. For those who want to a more clearer round hud glass of 25A, may try this mod, which not only kill the mipmaps, I tried it. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2860332/
  14. The HUD of A-10C is narrower if compared with the one of F/A-18C or F-16, so the pilot view piont had to be closer to the HUD, so as to see all the symbols on it. The F-15C and A-10A has the same problem. Wish the new A-10C's cockpit update could fix this.
  15. We asked too much from ED. For me, the free cockpit update is enough, much appreciated.
  16. Those pictures looks impressive, mouth watering now.
  17. Most people like you are caring more about the throttle, after all there isn't any such robust and affordable throttle before. I wouldn't buy VKB MCG if this suit could come out a year ealier. VKB stick is great and I'm not willing to discard it, so the throttle is my target now. Lets be patient, I believe it will come out soon.
  18. The company OP reported are just using DCS as a tool to tape video, no cd-key violation. Though they might earn some clicking money,no big deal, after all they spend time on it, many youtube host do such business too. On the contrary, their video had a publicity effect for DCS. I was also introduced into the DCS world after watching dcs movies many years ago.
  19. ----I suspect it. There is no need to expect the MAC, after all we have FC3 and all the other modules
  20. Good job。AFAIK, The gimbal is actually their third design, quite delicate, more balance and stable at the center even if you use a longer extension, and won't easily get a deviation after wearing. BTW, full metal is awesome.
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