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  1. oh... can you just imagine the ranting and forum posts when the first youngster thinks it would be so cool to shoot down an airliner just for laughs... hardly think civil is the way to go when pretty much everything in the DCS world is designed to kill something else... However... military variants of civil aircraft that have been appropriated accordingly for military purposes such as transport, scouting, AFAC etc. That would seem feasible albeit intangible even if just made as Ai aircraft.
  2. I've just tried to get this working after getting the missing file error. After opening each mission in the editor and re-saving it a few missions had tasking errors where it could not perform"Bombing" so I just changed the tasking to "weapons free". Unfortunately I'm still getting the missing mission file error when I open the Ka50 campaign. Does anybody have any further suggestions? or is this campaign lost to us now.
  3. I First flew the A10c about 6-8 months after buying it. I just jumped in and flew around... I got the weapons and cannon armed by simply reading what the switch labels in the cockpit. I'm not very good at flying it and I don't know what 75% of the systems do but I'm having a blast just flying around and shooting stuff. I'd say a HOTAS is a must regardless of what sim you like(unless you fly those boring buses in fsx and just do the direct gps thing) I've now been pottering around in the A10c for about 3 months... I can find targets i can drop bombs I can use mavericks... and i still don't know the basics like starting the engines...
  4. Hi. Usually if you contact a specific FARP on the comm's you can request vectors and the ATC (if available) will give you a heading to follow. There might also possibly be waypoints on your knee-board as to where you need to go. As for mission success if you have succeeded or completed the mission goals there is a message at the top of the screen that usually states "MISSION SUCCESSFUL" if the mission creator has put put such a "triggered" message in the mission. As for finding the FARP on the F10 map it's just a matter of looking for it unless the mission creator has deliberately or mistakenly made it "hidden" in which case you won't see or find it. I may be wrong on this ... but if you have fog of war enabled you might not see items on the map unless they are within detection range of friendly units but seeing as it is a friendly FARP... If it's there you "should" see it.
  5. She's a beast that needs studying and taming. It's not a question of should I shouldn't I?... It's a "Do I have what it takes to master this machine" question you need to ask yourself. It's a great module ... was my first... and after a year the old girl is still trying to bite me when I don't treat her right.
  6. I've recently upgraded my machine and put fsx back on for the first time in ages... oh how I've missed "on the fly" settings adjustment. Scenario: yeah i'll put that on this button... load game... press button... hmmm nahh I don't really like that there four hours later... my log book now reads 17 minutes of flight time..... I'm still not 100% happy with my button layout .... That's it I'm all out of free time..... damn 17 minutes flying in four hours .... hmmm FSX is looking more attractive again as every minute of my free time slips away forever never to be enjoyed again...
  7. I love WW2 era fighters and I'm hovering my mouse over the blank area where the paypal option is missing.. Unfortunately for me anything regarding money online is either payed with paypal or not payed at all... that simple
  8. I've gotten to the point now that when I make missions or move vehicles I create way-points "off-road" and then back to the road to try and prevent convoy's from behaving in this manner. It would seem though that normal civil traffic also influences this this behaviour along with with bridges being modelled too small or narrow for the size of the roads they're on. I don't know if Small single lane type roads are modelled differently from the larger 4 lane type motorways. But I gather(from observation) that road surfaces on maps function much the same as DDS layers that are just overlayed on the terrain(different viewing angles will sometimes make roads appear to be floating mid air). So unless bridges and roads are made as part of the terrain(one hell of a lot of work presumably) I doubt AI behaviour can be altered to fix this issue. Just a thought... but possibly a re-modelling of bridges would be a step in the right direction(again a lot of work)but that's just a guess for a seemingly plausible fix. I've also seen convoys swerving on an open motorway to avoid invisible objects.
  9. I don't know if this is just me but I'm trying the "callspawn" standalone "do script" but the two groups (red and blue) just run right past eack other without engaging. On the F10 map they are set to fire and even after setting their state to red they still won't fire at each other. Am I missing something that will make the red's and blue's fight? or are they just going to run around all friendly. They don't seem to engage any form of enemy unit. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Got shot up by a Hind, firstly... I didn't hear bullet impact, secondly the fire warning light came on and just stayed on for ages but there was no visible fire like before(maybe it was a small fire) and even though the warning light said I was on fire and the holes in the Huey got more and bigger I miraculously survived the fire and landed fairly safe-ish all be it minus any hydraulics(really hard to fly) and all the crew dead. Has anybody else noticed that you can't hear it when you're flying your "bullet magnet" over or near A-A and/or ground troops?
  11. When getting shot I no longer here the "tap-tap" of bullets on the door trying to get in I just see holes appear. Can't tell when I'm under fire same for the KA-50.
  12. Hi all. Been having this problem for a while now. Got to the point where I thought my F7 key was broken. SP and MP I get the same problem When I want to cycle through vehicles I just can't. I have been able to go to F10 map selecting a vehicle I want to view and when I press F7 I can get the external view once but after going back to cockpit view or map view F7 just does nothing. I was playing online last night and one of the clan members was having the same problem.
  13. Regarding the P-51 view. When I'm in the cockpit it would seem my pilot is 6inches too tall, how can I make him shorter? When trying to aquire targets with the gun sight I find half the time the gun sight appears to be above the reflector and of no use. I use TrackIR and normally have to sit up high in my chair then centre the view then sink back down to use the gun sight. Needless to say you don't have time for such nonsense when being riddled with holes while trying to get a bead on your intended quary.
  14. Op Phoenix Open-Beta public release Finally had some time for working on these 3 missions. All 3 are now in Open-Beta stage and ready for public scrutiny and problem/bug elimination. Hope a few of you will be willing to fly and comment on these missions.
  15. Great. Just had this problem after putting in the better FPs performance tweak. it's fixed now thanks.
  16. Glad this is not just me then. Did a complete windows clean boot and all software install today. seems Saitek's new software is broken too. was testing one of my mp missions with a few squad mates and when I moved ground troops we all had a CTD except the host server. not fully checked it but seemed to happen when a waypoint was set on a road that everybody had the CTD. when i moved them to a spot on the grass near the road only I got the CTD.
  17. Had the Huey for quite a while now... Still can't hover worth a damn but when I see green tracers coming in my direction hovering is the last thing on my mind.
  18. Isn't the farp also meant to atleast have a mobile atc unit or something? I know a farp is meant to have certain things for it to be "fully" opperational
  19. I used the in game ME measuring tool for 500 feet then just marked it on the paper by holding it on the line against the screen then roughly guestimated squares. Then used the 1:5000 zoom scale in the ME to place the planes and waypoints. End result starts out like this... But unfortunately they don't stay that neat but atleast they don't have a go at playing "bumper planes"
  20. Was having an Issue with the TU-95"Bear" bombers where they kept killing each other before I could get a chance to even get in the air. Seems their self preservation is non-existent when it comes to close formation flying with each other and I wanted a lot more than just 3 to shoot at. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to get more than 1 in a group even when I select 4 of 4 there is still only. So to remedy this I've had to "clone" them. the problem however is keeping them nice and neatly separated to look like they're flying in a formation. and when you clone a group with waypoints... seems they hardly made it to the first turn before the suicidal AI pilots started ramming each other out the sky.... solution?... birth of my new "external" waypoint tool. You can laugh as much as you like... But it works better than you'd think all be it somewhat time consuming lol. All nice and neat(ish) and a bit confusing but at least they don't crash into each other anymore.. Hardly mathematically precise but it does the job for a "quick Fix"
  21. Ghost in the machine! lol AI must ge getting bored and wants to fly too.
  22. Have had to put futher work on these missions on hold, seems the new update has many of my triggers shooting blanks!
  23. Is it just me or does the 190 have a solid one piece molded tungsten airframe lavishly coated with many layers of indestructible Kevlar paint impervious to P51 ammunition? It looks like Swiss cheese after I've made about 20 passes but they just don't want to die, maybe i was pranked and the ground crew loaded me up with rubber bullets. And I think the AI is using some new special kind of P51 seeking guided smart bullets!
  24. Thanks for the reply... this could make things interesting/frustrating for people crashing and dying a lot in game.
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