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  1. I think the issue is that DCS can ask for x amount of VRAM, but it's up to the OS to give it to you. It's not up to DCS since it's more of a wish than command.
  2. 1080Ti would be pushing it. But if you search in this forum, there's a post on how to achieve best performance/look balance. Something like "how to achieve 90fps on 1080ti" or something along those lines. The idea is that you reduce the resolution for the Vive to push. Also, the Rift *does* have better software setup. Not unexpected since they have such a headstart. The other thing to consider is that you can control things in WMR and you can control things in SteamVR. So it's best to watch some tutorials or the threads here that explain the differences. I'll add to the thread after I hook my G2 up. I'll tell you one thing...the cable management is a million times better. And it's more comfortable than G1.
  3. Thanks. I guess it's one of those "it's on, no it's not on" kind of a thing. I have time so I'll wait for the 6900XT. To see if the faster access via Ryzen will pay dividends or not.
  4. Yeah, got my G2 today. But work got in the way. I'm updating Redmond company's' sim to see if VR support is there yet or not. But I'd love to see your experience with your BIG HONKIN 3090! :) I'm seriously thinking about jumping to AMD 5950X (I think that's the one). I do fair amount of video/YT editing so it's tempting. But I'll wait to see if their 6000 video card is at least comparable to 3090. If not, I may go with AMD CPU and 3090.
  5. Don't forget, you can always crank the video speed to 2X. In general, much much better sweet spot than G1 with better colors and more comfort. Speakers are much better as well. I'm going to test my G2 tomorrow (have G1)
  6. Got my G2 today. Currently have G1. I hope to fly a quick mission in G1 tomorrow morning - just to see. Then I'll install G2 and have a look. If I get motivated enough, I'll record a through the lens on G1 then G2. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  7. Maybe a bit late replying, but received mine today. Ordered in July.
  8. LOL. You should win the award for the most loyal AMD customer of the year! You are relentless if nothing else. As share owners of AMD and NVDA, I approve! LOL
  9. You wont see any difference in DCS playing time. I tested DCS on SSD and m.2 with various scenarios And everything was +/- few seconds. Sometimes SSD was faster, sometimes NVMe was faster etc. But if I had a choice, I would put the OS on the NVMe. If you have most of the modules/maps/DLC from DCS, it'll be pretty close to 500GB with Windows installed. So I'd think carefully before moving DCS onto the new NVMe drive.
  10. Because having more SKU's makes things complex on the supply side. Because more QA is required when you launch more versions. Because it'll eat into 3090 sales. Because they want to save something for Ti version. Because they want to maintain the banding between the various products w/o making it confusing for customers. The above comes to mind.
  11. You can go to ebay and buy any base station. Even the original station that shipped with the original Vive. One base station will give you 6DoF. It's more than enough for DCS. If you want to walk around and do the whole room setup, you should get two.
  12. "Go to the last last comment" is already there. If you look all the way to the right, you'll see the small blue >> icon. That's the "go to last message" I'm still waiting to see if we can get our old control panel back. Where all the subscribed forums show up.
  13. I'll get used to it, I suppose. But one question, is there a Control Panel like before? where only my subscribed forums would show up? When I got to My Subscription, it shows individual messages (it looks like) I'll keep poking around, but was wondering if I'm missing something.
  14. It's a matter of priority. Current Reverb has better clarity than 5K+ (I've had both). And G2 is supposed to have better clarity through lens design among other things. As MRTV put it, "blown away" so we'll see. And of course, I prioritized clarity over wider FoV (and honestly, more mature software) But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I miss the wider FoV
  15. Just like a donut receipt, I can't see a scenario where I'll need to see you receipt! WE don't need to bring ink and paper into this! :thumbup: Enjoy your new toy. RIP: Mitch.
  16. I had both as well. Chose the Reverb. Yes, I miss the FoV. But I don't miss the software (lack) of smoothness. And the Reverb clarity was much more important.
  17. Rift S is pretty far behind at this point. I wouldn't even consider Rift S.
  18. Thanks. I'm thinking the 4790K is going to have a hard time keeping up with the XTal resolutions (either one). If you can share some performance stats, that'd be great.
  19. If you go to the the VR thread, you'll likely get a better answer. And in that VR group, there are threads for various HMD (goggle) manufacturers. Be sure to specify which VR you're using. Follow this trail: ED Forums » English » DCS World Topics » Input and Output » Virtual Reality
  20. But most people who build such pits are not doing it to be practical. It's more a work of love. So I can't imagine that 1% of the 1% sim'ers to change.
  21. What resolution does it come with these days. I know the claim to fame was that even with lower resolution, the lens design made it much more clear. (And demo video seem to bear that out). But which Pimax are you comparing it to?
  22. LOL, very true. I mean Fortnite sold a $1B in fake clothing (skin) sales last years. A billion $$$ of fake clothes. LOL
  23. We have GSMA, LTE, 5GHz, 2.4GHz, all creating cancer in us. What's a little processor on your head? And let's not forget that 5G basically sucks your soul out of you if Internet is to be believed :D
  24. Every flight sim enthusiasts are demanding, I've found. It doesn't mean that people complain (but of course we do) in this context it means that there is high expectation.
  25. Fixing the YT link. IF you want to use the YOUTUBE, option, you don't need to put https://www... part Also, I think it was just a proposal. Finally, have a look at the parent thread for New VR Pointing Device
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