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  1. Over a year without a fix or an update for the lighting issue! Are we to assume it’s not going to happen at this stage?
  2. I’ve been away from DCS for several months. I just updated the sim and had a try with the gazelle on the latest release. The lighting and textures appear to be still broken. It looks really bad on the NTTR and Caucasus maps using VR. The issues with lighting in VR are present with other modules as well but the Gazelle looks the worst. Is this something that’s still being worked on or has it been addressed and I may have a problem with my update?
  3. Be careful. I know one guy who reported German customs refused to release it to him as it does not conform to EU regulations (they cited Bluetooth and CE mark). His was sent back to his friend in Florida who posted it to him.
  4. My speculative opinion on this is as follows. We saw crescent bay and we later got Rift. We’ve seen half dome and we WILL get rift 2.0. I’ve no doubt about that. I’m also convinced that the rift 2.0 specs are locked in already meaning Iribes departing comment about a ‘race to the bottom’ refer to rift 3.0. I think the Facebook plans after rift 2.0 are for standalone and mass adoption with further iterations of Quest (possibly also connecting to PC). Iribes desire for further cutting edge pc vr iterations are at odds with facebooks mass adoption roadmap and that’s why he left. The future of VR is not on PC as much as Iribe and other PC enthusiasts, such as us, want it to be.
  5. Ah I’ve seen enough. This company is a joke. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but they can’t even manage to maintain a website or offer a secure payment method. No way I could justify spending €1000 with them for an unproven and unfinished product after the fiasco of the last few days. I notice Wormeaten and the other Pimax fanboys have gone very quiet here lol. I’m unsubscribing from this thread. I genuinely hope the kickstarter guys have a smoother experience. I’ll wait and see what’s announced over the next few months and just stick with rift for now. I might look at Pimax again in the new year if I see proof they’ve got their act together.
  6. No. VAT is included according to Pimax.
  7. I got a message from Pimax support. The delivery price ($69) includes eu import duties and taxes. The website is still down though.
  8. That’s a strange decision and little consolation considering the time frame. The UK wont be in the EU by the time they clear the backers and move on to preorders.
  9. Anyone know if they stated if they will be using an EU hub for shipping or can we expect to add 20% to the price at delivery if buying from within the EU?
  10. Pre-order page doesn’t work either lol. I managed to get to checkout but it crashes when trying to jump to PayPal.
  11. $699 preorder price for the 5k+, not sure if that includes base stations! (source is MRTV) and still no word on their full brainwarp implementation. I’ll pass until they sort their reprojection software out. So far the Samsung Odyssey+ looks, on paper, like a much better option.
  12. Based on the video posted above launching the sim will be the least of your worries when it comes to DCS.
  13. Is it true the pimax is shipping with no asynchronous reprojection? If so I will definitely be giving it a miss. There’s no way I could use dcs or my other go to sim without the equivalent of ASW. It’s going to be a juddering mess given the low frame rates.
  14. https://imgur.com/a/KYEbgGO
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