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  1. I am sorry for funny question, but could anyone tell me opinion on DCS: A 10C Vs Falcon 4 AF, or its most recent update, do you think avionics are more real in A-10 or in F-16? I mean which sim more realistically simulates systems
  2. And this is question to the developers, is it posible to simulate random appeearnece of UFO in DCS game? over Nevada or in any other locations? it would be great and interesting to have such mission , to intercept UFOs:) don't you think guys that would be fun and interesting missions too
  3. Well , i know that it is in service and is classified, that's why it is better to do an aircraft which can be closely simulated to real one, and i guess Mig 21 or Mig 29A or Su-25K would be good choice as most of this birds are updated to modern level avionics , and I think original version would be more reachable to the developers. Speaking of A-10C as I know Eagle dynamics developed real sim for US national guards/ military guys( is this true?), thats why I think this version of game is most closely simulated , at least indications on HUD and MFD are not made up from the fantasy of developers :) I hope:) I think best would be to do Su-25 :) as there is no HUD indications and all systems could be simulated by book to come closer to real one. But best would be MIg-29 2-12 Dont get me wrong I am just saying that to enjoy sim it should be as close as possible to the real aircraft , otherwise it will be no different from Ace Combat or Wing Coomander I dont like HUD indication of SU-27 and Mig-29 ,MFD is very wrong, and there is a ton of video on youtube showing real indication , it is not very complex , so why not to do it in sim as it is in real life?
  4. DCS: Mig-29A (9-12) Is there any information about this project ?
  5. I would love to have Mig-29A simulation as it is, 'cause i hope it's systems are unclassified and everything can be modeled precisely, precision and reality is most impotent in simulations , I love F-15 C , Su-27 , F-18 but they are still operational meaning that systems are mostly classified, so it will not be possible to provide true simulation of their systems, so basically aircraft from 1970-1980 would be nice real sim to do. Like Mig-21 I hope this machine will simulate all systems very precisely and this will be real hit!
  6. For me there is no such thing as Sim-Light :D If it is not an precise copy of real aircraft its not real sim, like Su-25T in FC as I know HUD is taken from other aircraft I think early version of Su-30, so if one can put any kind of indication which is not seen in real aircraft , and systems not imitate real systems how can you call it sim? is wing commander a sim? noo is Nova logic mig 29 sim ? noo:) is DCS : A -10 C sim I hope Yes:)
  7. http://www.airwar.ru/other/bibl/su27sk_rle.html http://www.airwar.ru/other/bibl/mig29um.html http://www.airwar.ru/other/bibl/mig29tp.html можэт пргодится :thumbup:
  8. Ну а чему радоватца? не американский, так китаиски :) вон китаици на пороге , тихо спокоино нарашиваиыт военнуию силу, по сми ничо не слышно про почти 2 милиарднуюу страну как будто их нету. А эта угроза болие реалнаиа нежели амеры. а у нас мусольят Т-50 никак не могут доделать .
  9. http://www.simhq.com/air-combat/dcs-mi-8mtv2-magnificent-preview.html/2 here it is, look at the instrument panel , does it look like real? Actually I have to admit that Mig-21 looks okay , I have not seen this screens
  10. а какие романи в стиле Тома посоветyите ? других авторов я имею в виду
  11. F-18c I think F-18 C is better choice then F-18 E , F-18 E is a modern aircraft so I don’t think there will be much data available about this birds specification, and F-18 C is well known old soldier, a lot of material is available, and it will be more precisely simulated then E version, don’t you think so guys?
  12. Its just my opinion that cockpit looks less real then cockpit of A-10c maybe im wrong , could anyone give me link to see new cockpit of Mig-21?
  13. I think there is no point to issue this products as we have it in FC3 , there will be minor modification in flight model , I think ED should be more focused on new engine and DCS alone and not to try to resuscitate FC, FC for me is like Celeron , if you are really interested in flight sims you would not waist time and money on half-sims and DCS is much more complex and interesting and I would rather spent 100$ on F-18C DVD then anything that is coming out under title mention FC in it. I mean don’t get me wrong FC was nice sim in 2005-2007, but I still loved my Janes F-18, because of its systems simulation. But now with all this Core I-7 and large GB RAMS and all this nice powerful Graphics cards, ED should not waste time on this insignificant modernization of old sims , they should go to next gen as quick as possible , ‘cause we are suffering waiting for cool staff and just getting old J
  14. Just AFM is not enough , we had AFM for Su-25T in FC1 but without clickable and functional cockpit and all other systems it’s still arcade
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