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  1. Is there anyone making the following skins: F-14A: - VF-21 (1995, CV-62/CVW-5) - VF-154 (1994, CV-62/CVW-5)
  2. Also, the hand signals need to be completed. For example, the director needs relay the instruction to pressurize the catapult and hand off control to the "Shooter."
  3. Those stack gases. Now I see what pilots have to deal with when landing! It doesn't seem like it'd be distracting, but it is!
  4. Reading this thread feels like we're re-living the F-14's development. LOL
  5. I haven't even played this campaign and I can already tell - THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A CAMPAIGN!!! Total authenticity - real ships accurate to the moment, accurate air wings and liveries, THIS IS THE WAY IT'S DONE! Everyone needs to take note, but we know they won't, because [insert lame reason here]. I wonder what the real pilots of CVW-8 who deployed aboard "Big Stick" on its maiden deployment would say about this campaign. Imagine if the AI A-6 was already available!!! More campaigns like this, please!
  6. Any movement on this topic? The hand signals do need work, for sure.
  7. In light of recent events, any chance the map will be expanded to include the above-entitled area? Also, is there any gouge on upcoming SP missions and campaigns? Was really hoping for some hypothetical Israel-Hezbollah material, instead of the same old Russia-related stuff.
  8. Bunyap, Thank you for releasing such an incredible product! The research you put into this is incredible. You've done a yeoman's job!
  9. Ironically, Red Flag campaigns are the most realistic experience of air war you can get in DCS, currently. The Nevada map is the most fully-developed (besides the Caucasus) and you can deploy literally every type of contemporary unit into the scenarios. Plus there's plenty of literature on how Red Flag functioned in the real world.
  10. In terms of modern aircraft, DCS presents a mid-'90s to present-day feel. I'd like to see the GR1 and GR4 with precision strike capability. That fits the theaters of DCS, particularly the Persian Gulf and Syria.
  11. Thanks to you all for replying. Does anyone know what ED uses to create their videos, especially their insane trailers?
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