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  1. IMO the module isn't anywhere to be ready, neither for an early access, so It'll be the last available day (end of March), only because they "cannot" move the date further at this point. So not the optimal conditions... but not releasing it after the "100% promise" would cause even more troubles.
  2. 21st is in 6 days, and according to their words: "We will give you ample warning to pre-order once we set a specific date" a "ample warning" whatever definition you could give to word, isn't anywhere near 6 days. So it's sure it won't come the 21st (nor it would come in December). We'll see it any day between January and March, and we'll know it much before (you won't see a communicate saying: "It'll be released next week").
  3. He had the F14 in his (ED) version by long time, you can see it in the main menu in the old videos. That's indeed expected, how they could test the module otherwise. It's not an indication of an imminent release.
  4. It's already in the game, you can search on youtube to see how it will work. However on general note: a target is designated by someone else (JTAC, another aircraft.. whatever..), the coordinates of that target are passed to you along with the laser code (4 digits, actually it seems to work only 1688 code), the laser code is then input in the instrumentation, when you're ready to fire you ask to "lase on", JTAC will light the target and you'll fire your weapon. Example with the Mirage: (laser on at 20:31)
  5. By quoting those messages you didn't answered to the question: "does it mean that the MAV is expected the 7th" ? (taking in consideration that everything is subjected to change...).
  6. In his defense you can't even figure what's out the next week, because of the ambiguous messages from Wags. "Team is plugging away at the L Mav." ...what does this mean? They are working at it but it will not be in the next OB update? Do these features will come together, or they will be added as soon they'll be ready, individually? Updates are so confusing.
  7. You're not doing anything wrong and you're not alone. CCRP with unguided bombs are already a pain to use on an aircraft with the full set of sensors in order (A10C) and a working INS and wind correction, with the F18 that is far to be completed and without a TGP they are much less precise than using them with CCIP at a correct angle. In other words: it's "normal".
  8. There's no guided or self-adjusted bombs, CCRP (Auto) is much less precise than CCIP. Also be sure to not use the snake eye (retarded) bombs in CCRP without activating the RET ...in theory they can be used without it, but in practice they go all over the place.
  9. We give our contribution to the game. You are giving (with this thread) no contribute, instead you're judging other people. This is not Facebook, we don't need priests and psychologists. Let's discuss about the game, not about the persons.
  10. It's not my problem.. but yours: if you read carefully I was answering to someone else, I wasn't talking about ED, but about who do not respect their customers with the excuse of "early access".
  11. "They" who? We aren't talking about ED... we're talking about someone who doesn't give constant updates to their customers or even worse giving contradicting information. That one (that isn't ED) is destined to fail. Customers are the ones who are paying you.. not your beta testers. And this involves the early access products: they are 100% sold product, they are put on sale to monetize early a product and not to please some random people, whoever will pay for it is a 100% customer not a beta tester. If you don't want to have people complain: do not release anything in EA and pay your beta testers until the release day (that was a common development practice until thie "EA" manner come out in mass).
  12. You will fail .. unless you distribute free products. Disappointed customers are very voicy on the net.
  13. It doesn't work like this, it's a company that is selling a product, you can't deal with your customers (the ones that are paying your salary, that are basically your employer) like strangers that should blindly follow you, neither it would work the naive sentences like: "if you don't like this, don't buy it...", whoever comes with this idea of "early product" doesn't know anything about the gaming industry. Instead you must communicate with your customers, and you must communicate properly, and if something doesn't go as planned (it happens!) it's your solely your mistake (because you didn't carefully planned your work) and you post your excuses, with the details of what happened and you'll accept all the critics from your customers. This is how the game industry works, and this is what you do if you want to have success in this world (they didn't started with this job yesterday, don't think they are a bunch of noobs or a alone developer launching its 1 man game on steam EA). Said this, I will happily wait another week (I mean.. 7 days.. it's just 7 days, wtf), but those ppl blabbing with "it's early access.." .. "have patience..." "if you don't like don't buy it.." ...doesn't know the basics of this world.
  14. I would love to have a fake A/G Radar to play with.. like the old aware: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=170746 :)
  15. Ah OK thank you... that's what I thought, but I read the message again and I was confused about the word "slated", because it could be translated as "suppressed".
  16. Hi, I seen the thread about the update (that is now closed), however I didn't understood the last sentence from Wags, does he means that there won't be any update or that there would be a new update before the end of the month or what? Please no flame... I'm only interested to know what this mean: "Correct. We have stated for sometime that JHMCS, FPAS, Maverick, and updated AA radar are slated for the end fo this month. Nothing has changed." So I can check the updates next week.. or next month. Thanks.
  17. Multiple: how many bombs to drop together. Quantity: how many bombs to drop in total. If you set QTY: 10 MULT: 1, it will drop each by each bomb, following the interval set, up to a total of 10; if you set QTY: 10 MULT: 2, it will drop 2 bombs together up to 10 bombs in total (5 launches). If you set a not matching correspondence, in example MULT: 2 QTY: 1 .. it should match the total and drop only one bomb. If you set QTY: 5 MULT: 3 it will drop first 3 bombs and then 2. If I'm not wrong, the QTY takes always the precedence, and the computer doesn't return any "error".
  18. I can confirm now that is server dependent, but I yet to figure what setting is affecting the performance. Vitormouraa above said it could be related to the air temperature in the server... so that's another thing to check, coz I cannot replicate it yet. On my own server it's working fine, same procedures, same payload, everything goes smooth... on these "random" servers (we was picking random servers, so I cannot be specific... but next time i'll write down the names) we (both with the F18) were having the same issue, like I reported in the first post, it's not just on the ground, when/if you manage to take off, you can barely climb, it's like the engines were lack of power, despite the full throttle and afterburners. What settings you can put on the server to affect the flying model or the engine power? Air temperature..? Air density..? Anything else?
  19. Yes, we were in two and the AB were on by "visual" (F2 external view) and yes I know the nozzle indicators below the left MFD. However I'm now convinced that it's a problem with some servers.. however how a server setting can influence the performances is a mystery, even by setting a strong wing it's impossible to replicate the same behavior.
  20. I'm gonna try this (the "+" added to the throttle). I have seen the AB detent option but I didn't figure what's about? May you be more specific? The HOTAS I'm using it's the TM warthhog. However I did some other tests on local instances and it's not bad as those online servers I tested, so it may be related to a server settings (wind? restrictions to the f18? ..).
  21. Thank you for the help. Do they engage at 100% thrust (I'm using a hotas) or I have to setup a different command? There's something I can check that would make me sure that I'm full thrust + AB? (i see rpm 99/100..).
  22. I don't know the (real) F18 so it could be an expected behavior, but I want to be sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Is it expected that the F18 has a such low thrust? I mean you can barely takeoff with mid-payload? If compared in example with the other DCS fighters, like the F15 or even the Mirage it's like flying with half engine. Is this normal or i'm doing something wrong? (except the obvious like.. did u checked your flaps, airbrakes.. :) ). Thank you.
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