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  1. I have been using them for a few years now. Adding a line of code to each of the pylons will add the pods. The 32's are smaller and do have the same punch as the S'5. But the pods are a lot lighter and the rockets are faster with a flatter trajectory making more accurate at longer ranges. A plus for the Mi8. Unfortunately the 3d model for the pods is not very good. pylon(1, 0, 0.4, -0.95, -3.26, { use_full_connector_position = true, }, { { CLSID = "B_8V20A_CM" }, { CLSID = "B_8V20A_OM" }, { CLSID = "B_8V20A_OFP2" }, { CLSID = "{6A4B9E69-64FE-439a-9163-3A87FB6A4D81}" }, { CLSID = "{FB3CE165-BF07-4979-887C-92B87F13276B}" }, { CLSID = "{0511E528-EA28-4caf-A212-00D1408DF10A}" }, { CLSID = "{3C612111-C7AD-476E-8A8E-2485812F4E5C}" }, { CLSID = "GUV_VOG"}, { CLSID = "{637334E4-AB5A-47C0-83A6-51B7F1DF3CD5}" }, --UB32 with S5 rockets { CLSID = "{B99EE8A8-99BC-4a8d-89AC-A26831920DCE}" }, --FuelTank
  2. A crashed Huey that could be sling loaded would be great.
  3. With the KA50 getting the new missiles defense system, appears to be the President-S (just a guess).. Is that something we can hope for in the future for the MI8?
  4. Ran test on these mission in multiplayer today. Anyone after the first person to join the server will not get the Embarking menu under Airborn Troops. Can anyone else confirm this?
  5. You could deavtivate the unit that you have set as the JTAC.
  6. Right now I don't have any limits set? why is it blocking more than 10 units? Do I have set the limits now?
  7. My troop load outs will not show in the CTLD troop menu if the total number of troops is greater than 10. I have set no limits. Worked until laste update. Thanks, ctld.loadableGroups = { {name = "UH-1H Infantry Squad", inf = 5, mg = 2, at = 1 }, -- will make a loadable group with 5 infantry, 2 MGs and 1 anti-tank for both coalitions {name = "UH-1H Anti Air Squad", inf = 2, mg = 1, aa = 2 }, {name = "UH-1H Anti Tank Squad", inf = 2, mg = 1, at = 3 }, {name = "UH-1H Mortar Squad", inf = 2, mg = 1, mortar = 2 }, {name = "MI-17 Infantry Patrol", inf = 13, mg = 4, at = 2 }, {name = "MI-17 Anti Air Section", inf = 4, mg = 1, aa = 4 }, {name = "MI-17 Anti Tank Section", inf = 2, mg = 2, at = 6 }, {name = "MI-17 Mortar Team", inf = 4, mg = 1, mortar = 4 },
  8. I am also an exprenced really world helicopter pilot, and like most of the helicopter pilots on this forum, I try not to mention in every other post like you do. I tested the Gazelle for Polychop early on and I think it is a beautifully model. But under no circumstance do I think the flight model is excellent. To much obvious and basic stuff is wrong with it. I applauded Polychops work, I think the model and systems are excellent but anyone with a little bit of helicopter time will tell you the flight model needs a lot of work.
  9. Not relevant to the error he is reporting. Test first, then post. Also, they make an NVG filter for the G430.
  10. I was thinking they ment that, but there were still other twin engine turbine helicopters before the 105, like the MI8 or sh-2 Seasprite
  11. Interesting article, although "It’s a light helicopter with a twin engine. What’s unique about it is that it is the first helicopter in the world to have a twin engine." I think they missed that record by 14 years, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_CH-37_Mojave
  12. H Model did not have flare launchers, nor that incorrect flare pannel, a radar altimeter, let alone a radar altimeter thats in the incorrect place. You are fine with all of those things but not the GPS? Also the H model Huey they gave us is from the 80's and 90's not Vietnam. Incorrect avionics and weapons.
  13. In 1.5 Beta the GPS will not pull the route from the mission editor if the aircraft is set for takeoff from Ramp or takeoff from Runway while on a FARP. Have not tested airfields. The aircraft has to be set to air start or takeoff from ground.
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