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  1. GC1993

    Old Runway

    Hey Jacob Had 1.5 for a while but haven't bothered reinstalling all my mods until now - just tried to re-apply the runway mod and it's not having any effect? Am I missing something obvious.... Cheers
  2. Anything to not revise for my finals.....
  3. **NOT MY VIDEO** Interesting to hear the raptor pilots talking with the Typhoon pilots from Coningsby.
  4. Yep, because I had to log in first before it prompted me with a message saying I could install FC3 and Mirage 2000 as it linked them with my profile.
  5. Hi all Just upgraded my 1.2 to 1.5, re-downloaded FC3 from the module manager (MM) fine and Mirage 2000 also gone on fine that I pre-purchased, but I can't reinstall my A10C module. It just doesn't appear on the "Modules" section of the MM, in fact only the L39 and BS2 upgrade option appear even when I hit refresh. Have looked through special offers tab, modules, DLC and Installed tabs and there's no mention of A10C anywhere. Clicking the icon at the bottom of the home screen interface only gives me a "buy" button, when I've already owned it for 2 years and have the serial numbers on my online ED shop profile to prove it. Any advice? Cheers
  6. The hornets have now returned to Miramar, and performed a missing man salute over the airbase before landing. RIP.
  7. Awesome video - what is the sheet of glass protruding from the helmet over the pilots' right eyes in a few of the clips? A mini sort of JHMCS maybe?
  8. Awesome seeing raptors and hogs flying together at 1:12.....
  9. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: That video deserves its own sticky thread.....
  10. Welcome to the forums! Like you say, aside from the Bear Trap campaign and the 2 standalone missions that's about it for F-15 in single player. The more skilled mission creators in the community have made plenty of missions however for all DCS aircraft, so I'm sure if you visit the DCS user files website and filter to missions you'll stumble on some eagle ones. You can like you say make your own in the ME, but this is time consuming and gets a little repetitive once you play the same mission over and over. As far as I know ED haven't officially confirmed a full fidelity F-15C for the future, so until an announcement is made I'm afraid we have to keep that one as a fantasy :cry: Multiplayer is good fun and probably the best thing to do within DCS for something new & different each time, well designed missions and not to mention it's great flying around with other people rather than AI bots. You don't have to be in a clan (more commonly virtual squadrons in DCS) in most of the servers, though if you are interested in joining one some of them have websites where they lay out the process. If you just want to fly around in multiplayer with other people with 0 threat, the Virtual Acrobatics Server is a great place to start, usually nice and busy and full of others who just want a free flight.
  11. SAME - this is the most logical way of doing it and arguably the most realistic as eagle pilots IRL will have a map on their kneeboard to compensate for no advanced nav data on their MFD.
  12. :thumbup: I do go online also, but sometimes I like to play my own missions I've created :joystick:
  13. Hi All On single player A2A combat I try and stay either above 39k feet or below 26k feet so that enemy AI planes can't see my contrails from a long way off and I stay "invisible" for as long as possible giving me an advantage - does it actually make a difference with AI planes? Whilst it is nice hiding at above 40K feet and getting a high & fast missile shot off at a bandit, getting fired upon at that altitude in the current F-15 AFM makes manoeuvring a little tricky and it would be nice to be about 5 or 10k feet lower for a better defensive position whilst not giving myself away.......so does it make a difference on single player? Cheers
  14. Not my video but.....further to my point, I count 3 seconds for the burner to shoot out of this F-15C. Skip to 1:08
  15. GC1993

    video f16 mod

    Where is that audio from??? Would love to have it as a substitute for the current stock F-15C sound, this one sounds much more realistic.
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