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    I have played simulations most of my 50+ year adult life. Always wanted to be a fighter pilot - bad eyes were just the start on why that career choice never panned out. I've flown simulators since the "early days" of Falcon AT. Loving VR and the immersive experience that DCS brings to my life. Can't believe I am living childhood dreams of being a fighter pilot (no matter how virtual that might be ...).
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  1. I searched before asking this same question and was directed here. Seeing that the answer is to check "Hidden on Map", I pulled out the manual to see specifically what that option is designed to do. Below is clipped from page 194 of the DCS User Manual. HIDDEN ON MAP. check box. After creating a mission, you may wish to hide certain units so that people playing your mission cannot see them. For example, you may want to hide mobile enemy units from being seen by the player on the briefing and F10 maps. Press this check box to hide the selected aircraft group from the ME World Map and F10 view. You can view all hidden groups using the Units List window (discussed later in this manual). In my particular case, I really want the units to show up on the F10 map once they are activated. I don't, however, want them to be displayed as "Known Threats" on the mission briefing. Based on the answer above and my own tinkering, I am at a loss on how to accomplish. Is there a way to "unhide" on the map via a script? Not the end of the world if its not possible, just thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  2. This concept is a great unlock for me @toutenglisse. With the information above you've not only taught me (us) where this information is stored, but also what the input gauge range and outputs mean in this LUA. Armed with this information, I am a better mission creator. Thank you, Sir!
  3. Thank you! I will incorporate today. This community is great!
  4. I searched the forums and couldn't find anything specifically related to the engine coolant gauge. I am currently working on a mission where I'd like to send a message to the player when the engine coolant temp reaches 50°C. Can I do this with the regular triggers in the ME, or do I need to dust off my programming skills and do something in a LUA script? Is it possible at all? I hoped I could steal logic from ED's engine startup tutorial, but it doesn't cover coolant temps If this needs code, any examples would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. This video is an absolute GOLD mine of information. I have used it on and off since @Reflected released it. I've used it so much, that I ended up putting together a spreadsheet with all the concepts and timestamps, so I didn't have to search through the video in hopes of locating that nugget on cockpit parameters. I posted the spreadsheet to my onedrive. Feel free to download and use as you see fit. With the link below, you should have read access. Please let me know if the link doesn't work. Enjoy. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AnlG89dbcjoQgW301zMl01w9LtFX?e=e0N4UX
  6. Late to WWII in DCS. Sorry for the necro. Was anything ever released to address @DD_Fenrir's point above?
  7. Thanks for sharing this! I wondered how you accomplished the "weaker engine".
  8. FWIW - Bignewy acknowledged this needs "tweaking" in the thread below. I am looking forward to this getting corrected.
  9. I just watched @Wags ACLS video where he allows the system to perform a hands off landing on the carrier. Guess what grade the LSO gave out? So does the real life ACLS actually perform so poorly that it can operate the jet in "unsafe with unacceptable deviations" during landing? I'm not a Naval Aviator, so I really don't know. I would HOPE a system as sophisticated at ACLS would not behave this way. Again, I don't know. That being said, I reviewed Matt's video all the way to touchdown (as I did earlier in this thread with my own landings) and sure enough, the plane drops its nose dramatically right before touchdown (between 20' and 10' there's a significant drop in AoA). You can see it below on the HUD images. ED - knows about this issue based on the tag on this thread from a year ago. I really hope this defect is resolved before introducing the Burble. I see there's another thread where BigNewy acknowledges this issue and says it will be "tweaked". Looking forward to it!
  10. I purchased the campaign. If the free sample offer expired, you might want to update the OP.
  11. Have you elaborated on executing your convention before? If so, can you direct to thread or possibly explain what you're doing. I presume there's some LUA editing happening. Thanks!
  12. Having the same problem. Thanks for documenting the fix! There's still newbs to the Mustang in 2022 running into the same defects as the rest of you did years ago. Couldn't figure out why my HOTAS mapping wouldn't update properly. NOW I understand ... there's different input directories for the different airframes. Not intuitively obvious to this Jet/Heli guy.
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