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  1. Hello. The SALVO FLARES switch in the rio pit drops all flares when depressed fore less than a second. The manual states: "SALVO FLARES switch initiates rapid ejection of all flares using a 0.125 second time interval for as long as the switch is held in the ON position. Normally springloaded to the OFF position." Sorry if already resported.
  2. So what is most likely happening here is that there is a plane between you and the mig/su that they are engaging. You are simply within the beam of the enemy radar. Remember the radar scans in a cone shape so at range the volume of the tracking beam can be massive. This happens a lot in multiplayer with Sam's and some a-a.
  3. So store release is only for bombs. All other weapons use the trigger(space).
  4. Yeah to declare what i was trying to say. You don't get a warning when the enemy fighter lock you in STT. You get warnings from the normal radar searches but not when they lock you. But missie launch is loud and clear.
  5. Hello. The RWR doesn't give you a tone when aircraft or sams lock you. You only get spikes and missile launch warning. bug/feature? Zombie
  6. Okay so to add to my bug report. Bingo was set to 0000, and I was planning to manually turn it of when I reached desired fuel quantity. Today I used the fuel dump again but I set bingo to 4000 to warn me when to stop dumping. But the bingo limit automatically turns of the fuel dump. But when I turned down the bingo quantity again I could continue dumping. It might be something where the bingo/fuel system doesn't recalibrate when you refuel? Though I did not try to fuel dump again after my landing and refuel. I have neither tried to turn the bingo knob after the dump switches getting stuck. The two fuel tank lights start lighting up after a while even when I have refuelled to 100%. But you might know that.
  7. Hello. Seems like the TDC AXIS controls are not working. Won't slew with the camera nor the Maverick. Cheers Zombie.
  8. Hello 1. Seems like the mavs can turn their camer like 60-75 degrees of bore. This seems like a lot? 2. The "cross" "+" On the maverick display that is supposed to be within the "keyhole" is not moving. I tried moving the sight to the edge of the seeker and it still shows up in the lower left of the center. I was flying CAS on 104th. Don't have the track file. Internet is too slow too upload images, sorry. Zombie
  9. It does the same on the Su-25't if you force fire the missile. So i guess it's a feature?
  10. Hello Razbam! It seems like the fuel dump switches automatically goes back to the standard position after a while(when below 2600 lbs at least). after that i cant seem to use them anymore, and its dumping fuel all the time afaik. Lot of fun with it so far. Cheers Zombie Edit: woops. Didn't see the bug thread. Just take note and delete.
  11. Hello. It seems like the radar cant lock unless you are in a missile or guns mode. Try getting into gun mode(without ammo) and see how that works. Ive had the problem myself, but selecting a weapon fixes it. :)
  12. MSi 780 Lightning With waterblock and OCed :thumbup:
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